Ethic Issues

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Virtue ethics Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: April 12, 2014
An Economic and political system in which business is run by private sector to gain profit. Business is run according to the consumer demand. What customer want , business produce that. As the production of new product and service will increase the living standard of economy. For examples:

If you buy lumber, cut it into pieces, turn them on your lathe, makes joints and build them into a piece of furniture, finish it, polish it, and sell it for a profit, that is capitalism. You have made something of value and profited personally from your work. You keep the profits of your work( yahoo answer,2009). Virtue Ethics:

Person Who take action rather then follow rule and regulation. Virtue ethic tell us about the decision is right or wrong but also help in finding the solution too.Virtue ethics is based on the treads of the society and it's implies in our day to day life in order to mark decision. For examples:

One day , i'm coming to the college by bus and unfortunately my presto card has no money and even i don't have a change at that time , then one man in the bus gave me a change and when i giving him money back he just refused it. Sexual Harassment: Creating such a uncomfortable environment for women when some touch her body part without her permission .Sexual Harassment is also do verbal by whistling at someone or making sexual comments. Lady most of time face sexual harassment on work place by their senior. For examples: One is working at store ad his boss always making comments on her person's clothing and look or turning the working discussion into sexual topics.
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