Sex Tourism

Topics: Prostitution, Human sexuality, Sex tourism Pages: 15 (5004 words) Published: September 13, 2009
TO5101: Tourism systems analysis

Sai kumar Nalla
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Executive summary:

In the recent years Sex tourism is the most attracting and increasing sector in terms of tourism studies. There are increased research, paper work, books, articles and several magazines released in the market related to sex tourism. Today there are many forces at work in the normalization of the international sex industry (Jeffeys, 1997).

As sex industry has immensely became most profitable. It almost exists in all the developing countries in one or the other form where only “sex” is been significant. As the trends towards the sex and sex tourists have been developed internationally. In this sector of sex tourism there is an increased demand so as the tourism providers and operators are much focusing on this region and they are providing more services for the people who travel various destinations around the world at their leisure times.

This article mainly examines and analyses the three future scenarios of sex tourism sector. Along with the brief introduction to sex tourism deep analysis of the issues, context and challenges based on this related sector are investigated. Future scenarios are then analysed to highlight the changes and perspectives in the sector.

Table of Content

1. Sex tourism: An introduction:4
2. Back ground and trends of sex tourism:4
3. Sex tourism in Australia:6
4. Sex tourism Destinations Globally:7
5. International sex tourism:7
6. Future scenarios of sex tourism:8
6.1 Sex tourism via Internet:8
6.2 Travel and sexual transmitted diseases:9
6.3 Gay/ lesbian tourism:9
7. Possible strategies and critical assessment of the scenarios:10 7.1 Sex tourism via Internet:10
7.2 Travel and sexual transmitted diseases:11
7.3 Gay/ lesbian tourism:13

1. Sex tourism: An introduction:
What is sex tourism? Sex tourism is commonly understood to be a leisure activity of men, who visit tourism destinations to engage in commercial sex. (Enole, 1989). Several developing countries are becoming preferred destinations for sex seeking tourists who only travel to have sex with different people. The major countries which include these operations are Australia, Brazil, Thailand, U.S, U.K and many more. With in the sex tourism sector there are various types of destinations to lead depending upon the travellers destinations as adult sex tourism, child sex tourism, female sex tourism, and gay/lesbian tourism. These are the other interests of tourism which are bound with in the sex tourism. Among these adult sex tourism is legal and allows in sexual activity with the paid prostitutes who are above 18 years old and the other sex tourism like child sex tourism is completely violated in all the countries and is illegal and non acceptable. Gay/ lesbian tourism is legal in few developed countries. But it’s illegal in other counties like gulf countries and India. In the formal countries like U.S sex tourism is illegal with an exception of few areas like Nevada and Rhode Island are only sex tourist destinations for some Americans.

“One aspect of the industry in particular that governments have come to depend upon the revenue is sex tourism.” (Bishop and Robinson, 1998). Some of the sex industrialists and other suppliers argues that the sex tourism or in the other words prostitution should become legal and legitimate leisure industry in which women are literally ‘men’s leisure’. While child sex tourism is a major concern with in the industry. Where human rights and United Nations Convention on the Rights of child sex tourism has the abuse of very young children will limit its effectiveness. As Julia O’ Connell Davidson, co- author of ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking) regional reports on child sex tourism.

2. Back ground and trends of sex tourism:
In today’s globalized life communications...

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