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Key to
An Easy Approach to
82 Key to An Easy Approach to Gram. & Comp. 8
Ex 1 : Write ‘P’ against a phrase, ‘C’ against a clause and ‘S’ against a sentence. 1. A backing sound P 2. Sat on a wall C
3. Fond of Music P 4. Delhi is a big city. S
5. Rats are not found here. S 6. Plastic is very durable. S
7. A fair little girl P 8. He pays the debt. C
9. While it is raining C 10. Akbar was a great king. S
11. Even before his downfall P 12. The sick-room in the corner P 13. In the east P 14. Cow in the garden P
15. If he was guilty C 16. The child is C
Ex. 1. Rearrange the following groups of words to make complete sentences: 1. Ans. There is no other train till midnight.
2. Ans. We must start without further delay.
3. Ans. Every man makes mistakes sometimes.
4. Ans. God will not forget the cry of the humble.
5. Ans. Being a cripple, he cannot ride a horse.
6. Ans. We must eat or we cannot live.
7. Ans. The singing birds delight all of us.
8. Ans. An empty vessel makes much noise.
9. Ans. We cannot pump the ocean dry.
10. Ans. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
11. Ans. We should profit by experience.
12. Ans. The guilty conscience needs no excuse.
13. Ans. A lion was proud of his strength.
14. Ans. He said that he had come to see them.
Ex. 1.Underline each noun in the given sentences & mention its kind also: 1. keys - Common noun table - Common noun
2. Chairs -Common noun wood - Common cane - Common. 3. Delhi - Proper noun Yamuna river - proper noun.
4. India - Proper noun country - Common noun.
5. Alexander - Proper noun Greece - Proper noun India - Proper. 6. train - Common noun Mumbai - Proper noun.
7. clouds - Common noun rain - Common noun.
8. J.L. Nehru - Proper noun Prime Minister - Proper India - Proper. 9. building - Common noun brick - Common stone - Common . 10. Gandhiji - Proper noun truth - Abstract noun.Key to An Easy Approach to Gram. & Comp. 8 3 3. PRONOUNS

Ex. 1. Pick out the pronouns and mention the kind of each :
1. I, you and he must go there. Personal pronoun
2. Why cannot you yourself do it ? Emphatic pronoun
3. It was Sunit who scored the goal. Relative pronoun
4. Each of them went there. Distributive pronoun
5. These are our neighbours. Demonstrative pronoun
Ex. 2. Choose the correct pronoun from the bracket :
1. He is as clever as me.
2. They are not as wise as us.
3. Nobody but she went there.
4. You are gentleman just like him.
5. This thing is for you and her.
6. We know that it was him.
7. My pen is better than yours.
Ex 1 : Now form adjectives from the following nouns :
Word Adjective Word Adjective
City Urban Option Optional
Village Rural Romance Romantic
Society Social Zest Zestful
Friend Friendly Smoke Smoky
Metal Metallic Worth Worthwhile
Circle Circular Wolf Wolfish
Length Lengthy Angle Angular
Height High Money Monetary
Cow Bovine Time Timely
Happiness Happy Culture Cultural
Sorrow Sorrowful Language Linguistic
Tear Tearful Weight Weighty
Globe Global Wax Waxen
Nation National Water Watery
Beauty Beautiful Wa t ch Watchful
Duty Dutiful Wake Wakeful
Bible Biblical Energy Energetic
Religion Religious Peace Peaceful
Beast Beastly Rain Rainy
Explosion Explosive Heaven Heavenly
Mischief Mischievous Problem Problematic4 Key to An Easy Approach to Gram. & Comp. 8 Order Orderly Transfer Transferable
Custom Customary Remark Remarkable
Tradition Traditional Science Scientific
Period Periodic Tact Tactful
Strike Striking Note Notable
Ex 1. Change the degrees of adjectives without changing their meanings: Model 1 :
1. Ans. Jesus Christ was...
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