Sentence and Masters

Topics: Sentence, The Road, Expression Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: October 28, 2011
The issue of public safety has been in the spot light recently which has captured the eyes of many. Public safety was having a head on collision with 4WD's on the road and have considered to be 'death machines' and are a safety hazzid to all on the road. This opinon piece 'KILLER CARS- AN ASSAULT ON REASON' written by melanie masters, talks about he views on this issue of 4WD's and explains how they should be taken off the roads.

4WD's have been a major issue in the media recently and freelance writer and researcher on issues relating to public safety, Melanie Masters, has expressed her point of view on this issue and how it can be a hazzid to all on the road and a creation thats should be taken off the roads. The article express very heavy dominating language which is expressed in the opening sentence of the article which sets the mood of the piece and the writter, the tone shown when she says'death monsters'in the opening sentence instantly just shows her view of the issue. The article relates back to the headline of 'KILLER CARS- ASSAULT ON REASON' as she not only expresses the hazzid of these types of vehicles on the road but also suppoets her arguement with knowledge. Although she doesnt just have acusations, she also shares with us expert opinons on the issue, A research report prepared by the Monash Uni Accident Research Center found that 4WD's were the most aggressive types of vehicles on the road and seriously injuring an average 5.89 unprotected road users or drivers per 100 crashes. Masters expressing these expert opinons just gives as us an audience an unsafe feeling towards 4WD's and this then puts us in a position to believe Masters views. She then also brings up the issue of greenhouse gases and how 4WD's are more likely to consume a lot of petrol because of there large size and how this can impact on our climate as they are experting too much emissions into the atmosphere. With this information might relate back to some readers who have a...
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