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Goodmorning ma'am, classmates, and friends. Today, i would like to impart some facts about me. Most of you here don't know me yet so first of all, i would like to introduce myself. I am Jenifer Aya-ay. I was born on the 26th of September, 1993. I am 19 years old to be exact. I am taking up BS Tourism Major in Ecotourism and this is my third-year of studying in this university. I came from the Province of Misamis Occidental particularly in the city of Oroquieta. My campus address is in Ashreen Cottage Dimalna II, MSU-Marawi City.

Normally, I am a loud type of person most especially when i am with my friends. So don't be surprised whenever i get noisy at times. I guess i have gotten this kind of attitude from my family because most of them are also talented of being a conversationalist. I'd love to meet new people and socializing with them. In short, I could be everybody's friend. My favorite pastime is sleeping. I just love to sleep and i don't know why. Next is that I spend much time in surfing the internet particularly the social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. I also have interest in singing and dancing. Way back elementary and high school years, I used to join dance troupes and singing competitions but unfortunately, it was not practiced anymore when i entered college.

As for now, I would like to share to you a more personal stuff. Everyone, I already have a baby. As for anyone who got pregnant for an early age, you will have mixed and strange emotions on how to deal with such difficult situation. But suddenly, i realized that I've got nowhere to go and so I took the guts to tell the situation to my parents besides, no one else could help me get through this except them. By then, we had some mellow-dramatic moments you could never imagine. After I confessed everthing, it was when i can say that i'm truly blessed for having an open-minded, considerate and understanding parents eventhough i have disappointed them a lot.

So much for that, i...
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