Introduce Yourself
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To: Joe Sample, Instructor
From: Tommie Davis, Student
Date: February 2, 2012
Re: Introducing Myself to My Professor

My name is Tommie Davis. I’m a Junior, majoring in Criminal Justice here at The University of Houston- Downtown. The intended purpose of this memo is to give a brief insight of myself.

I grew up in Stafford, Texas which is located in Fort Bend County.
I graduated from John Foster Dulles High School in 1992.
I worked full-time at a daycare for four years until I could afford to attend college at which time I enrolled at Houston Community College. I went to school part-time until I decided to attend The Wharton Police Academy in 2000, after graduated from the academy I was unable to find a job in law enforcement so I applied and received a job with Texas Department of Corrections. I worked with inmates for five years and chose to leave in 2005 to help my mother care for my ailing father. During this time I took a job with Coach USA as a driver and that is my employer at the present time.
I have two children ages 5 and 15 and as a single parent, I knew I wanted more for my family and decided to go back to college and earn my degree.
I transferred to UH-Downtown in the fall of 2009

I’m passionate about people. I love to examine different cultures and I’m always fascinated to realize the similarities that we sometimes share.
In the last couple of years I’ve seen so many kids go astray and just saddened when I hear the news of another child involved in a senseless crime that I have aspirations of opening a help center for at risk youths.
I also work with the Mime Ministry at my church.

My greatest accomplishment is I haven’t given up on my dreams and that gives me great satisfaction.
Graduating from the Police Academy in 2000.
Paying off my first student loans.
Caring for my aging parents and being able to give back what was given to me.
Going back

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