Baby Think It Over

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Baby Think It Over Reflection
By: Clancy Cruz

My Baby Think It Over experience in my eyes was a very overwhelming one. The responsibility of being a parent is definitely a great one. This project did help me realize a lot about parenting though. As a parent you’re suppose to have constant contact with your baby whether it’s feeding, burping, changing it’s diaper, putting it to sleep, rocking it, or playing with him or her. The most frustrating responsibility for me was waking up in the middle of the night to feed or change the baby’s diaper. I love my sleep and waking up in the middle of night, being awake for 20 minutes and trying to go back to sleep did cause me to feel exhausted. But there was also rewarding responsibilities of being a parent. Even though the baby wasn’t real and couldn’t hug or touch you. It was still a very rewarding feeling when the baby would coo at the end of feeding or make a happy noise after having it’s diaper changed. Just having the satisfaction of knowing you’re taking care of your baby in the right way is a good feeling. Doing the Baby Think It Over project has made me realize that nothing is worth getting pregnant at this age. Trying to manage school work, studying and focusing is something that would not be easy for any girl to do during high school. I give credit to the girls who are going through something like having a baby this young and who are getting through it. Having a baby is a burden and changes your life completely. Taking time away from spending time with your friends, going out, getting enough sleep, having free time for yourself. Everything like that is taken away from you.

Also, having the baby with me gave my parents a perspective on what it would be like to have a grandchild. Waiting for the right time to be a parent is very important. My parents weren’t used to hearing a baby cry around our house so it gave them a reality check. Just having the baby for 4 days was very overwhelming, stressful process...
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