Self and Consciousness

Topics: Consciousness, Mind, Unconscious mind Pages: 22 (4465 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Zeman’s (brain science) 3 institutions  get main points and conclusion for test Consciousness is robust (real enough) to deserve explanation Consciousness as sea in which we swim
Consciousness is bound up with our physical being – specifically the brain Consciousness matters (makes a difference)
Is consciousness real? Is it worth studying?
Start out as intuitions that we have experiences of consciousness How/ why does it matter to sociologists?
Is it part of the self?
Does it encompass the self?
Make intersubjectivity possible?
Distinguish us as unique from other life?
Rooted in language?
How influenced by social environment?
Implications for social organization and structure…
May be diff depending on the conclusions we come to bout the study we have on consciousness Diff theories- neurobiological and information processing
James and Baars “global workspace” of selective attention and primary working memory that can be broadcast through nervous system organism Selecting and processing info and storing that info such that it comes to second nature Subconscious dreaming Spanish example (teach really good at span in her sleep but not when awake b/c she is consciously thinking bout if its right and how to say Even though we have access to more than we store in memory we still don’t know how accurate it is b/c it is from 1 (your) perspective Make stuff up to fill in the gaps we have to make it satisfying Data is processed- constantly taking in data from fingers, arms, legs, etc. and sent to brain Upright stance shortened distance so that consciousness made possible How defined?

Walking state
See continuum of consciousness
Behavioral state? Of wakefulness
Responsiveness: some automatic and some chosen
Experience - consciousness of what?
Content of experience from one moment to the next
Smell, sight, brightness, temperature, etc.
More subjective? Qualia  look up
Possession of any mental state (mind)
Is to have mind enough to be conscious (any mental state,  mostly emotional states) Consciousness can include
The ability to discriminate, categorize, and react to environmental stimuli The integration of information by a cognitive system –
prob not born with but instead develops over time with brain nutrition and also integration The reportability of mental states
The ability of a system to access its own internal states
The focus of attention- what are you aware of NOW
The deliberate control of behavior
The diff btw wakefulness and sleep- consciousness and unconscious

Say that humans are instinct free but not reflex free
Grasping with the sensation of free fall (maniers response), constriction with loud noises Probably a good one if we come from animals living in trees
Anything complex we aren’t born with
Counter to that is that we are always learning once we come out the womb b/c we interact with our young as conscious sentient beings, tend to impart preferences, will, etc. ex. why do you yell at young when they don’t have the will to go against what you want at such young age Self consciousness

capacity for embarrassment (aware and concerned about opinions of others-see our earlier sociopath discussion) consciousness of self implies consciousness of others and ability to imaginatively “take their perspective” – looking glass self, taking the role of the other capacity to respond to stimuli direct toward organism and respond accordingly capacity to recognize self in mirror-article is off on what species can do this magpie ex. Yellow spot on their chest when looking at themselves wanna get off, whereas when no mirror they are fine and act normal we have the ability to put ourselves in the place of others

planned hunting  way more successful
Awareness of awareness- may be degrees of that as well
Awareness is limited, subjective, fallible
“attention is the sentry at the gate of consciousness: my experience is what I agree to attend to” teach’s black friend who got tired of...
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