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Psy240 Checkpoint Sleeping and Dreaming

By jesskey23 Jun 26, 2011 340 Words
Checkpoint: Sleeping and Dreaming
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Sleeping and Dreaming
There are four primary stages of sleep in which human beings cycle in and out of (Pinel, 2007). The first stage is referred to as emergent sleep. During this phase EEG waves are both low voltage and high frequency. The second, third, and fourth stages are made of higher levels of EEG voltage and a decrease in frequency. The second stage of sleep mainly process two additional characteristics which are sleep spindles and K complexes (Pinel, 2007). Delta wave patterns can happen during the third stage of sleep. As the fourth stage of sleep occurs the delta waves become the most dominant pattern within an EEG (Pinel, 2007).

Dreams occur within stage one of REM sleep. There are five theories related to the development of dreams. All of these theories agree that external stimuli contribute to one’s dreams. During the first stage of sleep dreams take place in real time. Everyone has dreams but some people are not able to remember them. Having an erection while sleeping is linked to having sexual dreams, and is a regular response of one’s body. Walking and talking during sleep occur during the fourth stage when a person is in the dream phase (Pinel, 2007).

There are two main theories about dreaming the Freudian theory and the activation synthesis theory. The Freudian theory maintains that dreams come from repressed sexual desires. The activation synthesis theory states that dreaming happens due to the cortex being forced to assemble too many neural signals to be transmitted (Pinel, 2007). I really do not agree in full with either theory. I believe that dreams occur while our mind is shut down in a mode of rest. I do believe that our dreams are a product of specific events, desires, smells, or anything that may be lingering in our subconscious minds these things compile and our brain creates a movie that plays automatically.

Pinel, J.P. (2007) Basics of biopsychology, Boston. Pearson Education

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