Consciousness and Two-Track Mind: Outline

Topics: Sleep, Unconscious mind, Consciousness Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Ch.3 Consciousness and Two-Track Mind Outline

I. Consciousness
A. The two-track mind is made up of unconscious processing and serial conscious processing. Our brain is dual-processing, meaning that we interpret things at the same time. For example, the visual perception track enables us to unconsciously recognize objects and plan for the future. The visual action track deals with our conscious, moment-to-moment actions. So, unconscious processing is information that is drilled into your mind that allows us to run on “auto-pilot”. Our conscious, serial processing, is what is used to observe the task at hand. It requires focus and is adept at solving problems. B. Selective attention – Is when your mind is focused on one thing and your conscious mind is unaware of other things until something brings it to your attention; the focusing of conscious awareness on a particular stimulus. Inattentional blindness – failing to see visible object when our attentions is somewhere else. For example, when on the phone your mind is focused on the conversation at hand. However, you don’t pay attention to most of the things around you; this study was done in the TV show called “The Head Games”. Change blindness – When a person is distracted at one point and then something around their environment change and the person doesn’t notice. II. Sleep and Dreams

A. Circadian Rhythm – Is a biological clock that synchronize with the 24 – hour cycle of day and night. For example, our body temperature rises as morning comes. B. REM Sleep – during sleep there is rapid eye movement that is a recurring sleep stage in which dreams occur. The muscles are relaxed but other body systems remain active. Stage 1 of the sleep cycle – the sleeper experiences “hallucinations” that doesn’t occur with sensory stimulus. Stage 1 is very brief and is probably when alpha waves occur, slow waves of a relaxed, awake state. Stage 2 of the sleep cycle – It lasts for about 20 minutes, this...
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