Security & E‐Consumer Awareness

Topics: Backup, Antivirus software, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 13 (5077 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Security & E‐consumer Awareness
When you buy a product from an online store you expect the company to keep your data safe from loss and damage. For the company to do this they need to look in to threats to the data and how to stop this, a company needs to know the laws of data protection and different ways to prevent this like firewalls and antivirus software and encrypting the customers data to stop people reading it, this report will tell you about the types of threats ways to stop these and the laws of data protection. All companies should do a risk assessment; they should do this to make sure that the data on the computer is safe. A risk assessment finds risks and then rates them and then says how they will be fixed. Threats to your data through an Organisations website

Data intercepted by copycat website or phishing
Data intercepted by use of copycat web site. The way they do this is to send you an e‐mail for example saying you have to check something on your bank and at the bottom of the email there will be a link that looks like your banks website but in fact it sends you to a different website that looks the same and then you enter your detail to your bank then the owners of the copycat website will be able to take your identity and your money. Here is an example of how they do this underneath.

As you can see the address in the email will be spelt wrong or have something extra like this one has an ip address in the front this is a big give away because professional bank website would just have the bank name, this kind of e‐mail is usually blocked by your spam wall in your e‐mail address but if you do get an e‐mail from the bank type the URL in the search bar or search engine

The one on the right is the correct one because as you can see there is no number in front and it just says the banks name, also you can see there is https which stands for hypertext transfer protocol secured this is only on the official bank website to try to stop hackers. Usually the banks logo will be next to the URL address as you can see from the example above this is another way to check if the banks website looks legit. Companies can help people not fall for these traps by providing bank protection software to the entire user; many banks do this now and run this with your normal protection like Norton but the best way to prevent these scams is to teach people how to avoid the traps this has the highest effectiveness against this scam but the computer also has to have anti‐virus software that also looks for these scams and this will give you the highest effectiveness against you falling for this trap.

The effectiveness of these preventions is very high but this depends on the versions of the software that you have and if the software reads it as a threat or the real thing but the way that has the best effectiveness would be to teach employees and customers about the threats and show them examples of how they would really send them for example they would send “Dear” then your name rather than “Dear Customer” because then that would show they know you and not just trying to guest who you have accounts with, this would be the best way to prevent these scams and I feel would have the highest effectiveness against this scam.

Key loggers
Key loggers are used to intercept your data which you type into your keyboard hacker usually use this to get passwords to bank amount and any other thing that requires a password. A key logger remembers everything you type and everything you delete, for your computer to get a key logger on it you have to download it because it software but key logger are usually hidden or disguised as another piece of software so you download it be accident, a key logger runs in the background of your computer so you don’t even know that its running. The way to block key loggers is to make sure your fire wall on and after you download any software use should scan it using your virus protection software. This...
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