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DealerZone Release - 9/9/2014
The DealerZone ( http://DealerZone.Autonomic-Controls.com/ ) will be announced via a press release next week at CEDIA. Everyone here needs to have some basic understanding of how it works and how to support customers that may call with questions.

Watch the Video
To get an overview of the DealerZone and what users can do with it watch the video http://youtu.be/-Vr5n5XIyqg
Feel free to share this link with any customer that has questions about what it is and how it works.

Make sure that you can log in and administer the DealerZone
You should already have a DealerZone account. If you don’t please contact Sal or Michael T to get set up. You should also have access to the Manage Another Company menu item.

Again Contact Sal or Michael T if you don’t.

Typical Questions / Issues a customer may have…
Q: I forgot what email address I used when signing up
A: No problem. Use the System Admin / Users page to search for the possible email addresses they may have used. Never use this page to Assign a company or modify the user’s Roles. This is only to assist the customer with finding their email address. You may click the RESET PASSWORD button which will email the user a link to reset his/her password.

Q: I forgot my password
A: Direct the user to the DealerZone login page ( http://DealerZone.Autonomic-Controls.com ) and have them click the “Forget your Password?” link

Alternately use the System Admin / Users menu to search by name or email and click the RESET PASSWORD button to send that user a password reset email.

Q: Can you make me an Admin or Member of Company X ?
A: Sorry, I can’t for security reasons. However I can point you to the admins for that company. Use the Manage Another Company page to select their company…

Then direct the user to one of the company’s Admins listed on the company overview page.

The company’s Admin may invite the caller to join that company’s DealerZone.

Q: I don’t see a...
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