Force Motors

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A)Profile of the company

Name of the Company: Force Motors Ltd.
Address: Head Office
Force Motors Limited Force Motors Limited
Pithampur Industrial AreaMumbai-Pune Road,
Pithampur, District - Dhar,Akurdi, Pune - 411035
Madhya Pradesh – 454775Maharashtra
Tel: +91-(0)7292-253004Tel: +91-(0)20-27476381, 27404274 Fax: +91-(0)7292-308180 Fax: +91-(0)20-27404678


Board of Directors:
Director Name| Designation|
Abhay Firodia| Chairman|
Prasan Firodia| Managing Director|
Atul Chordia| Additional Director|
Arun Sheth| Additional Director|
S A Gundecha| Director|
S N Inamdar| Director|
S Padmanabhan| Director|
Vinay Kothari| Director|
R B Bhandari| Director|
Anita Ramachandran| Director|
L Lakshman| Director|
Sudhir Mehta| Director|
Pratap G Pawar| Director|
Aparna G Lambore| Company Secretary|

Current Status: Total Turnover of the organization 2010-2011 is 3004 Crs (2011-12 not yet derived). Also The Gurkha - Worlds first E.O.V (Extreme off-roader vehicle) was launched at the international Bus & utility vehicle show 2013 at New Delhi. Future Plan: Force aims to be the market leader in Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV). Force Motors is looking to re-engineer its product line to meet the norms and emission standards along with getting into newer segments and expanding dealership network. Force is expecting to sell 4,000 SUVs in 2011. Also in 2011, it plans to come up with two-three new models of SUVs priced between Rs. 10-12 lakh.   The company also plans to have a personalized vehicle division which will have 50 dealerships; who will set up workshops and sales outlet for PVs. Force also has plans to launch a passenger van which will seat 8 or 9 people. This van is will be launched at a price tag of under 10 lakhs, cheaper than the Force SUV. It will come with a diesel engine, which is the OM Series from Daimler.

Managing Director Prasan Firodia|
Chairman of the BoardAbhay Firodia |
Director - S. Gundecha|
Director - R.Bhandari|
Director - L.Lakshman|
Director - Vinay Kothari|
Director - Pratap Pawar|
Director - S. Padmanabhan|
Director - Arun Sheth|
Director - Atul Chordia|
Director - Sudhir Mehta|
Director - Anita Ramachandran|
Organization Chart:
Compliance & Secretary|
Human Resources|
Sales and Marketing|
International Marketing|
Quality Product |

Vision & Mission Statement :
Force Motors continues its vision of providing efficient, utilitarian vehicles that empower the individual entrepreneur.

B) Functional Areas of the organization
* Marketing: Force vehicles are sold through a nationwide network of over 200 authorized dealers spread throughout the length and breadth of the country, fully equipped with company recommended tools, equipment and infrastructure, company trained manpower, adequate stocks of reasonably priced spare parts, to provide quick and efficient service to its customers. Most of the dealers have been with the company for two / three generations signifying the excellent business relations that the company has enjoyed with its business associates.

Products manufactured: Force Motors manufactures a range of vehicles including Small Commercial Vehicles (SCV), Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), Multi Utility Vehicles (MUV), Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) and Agricultural Tractors. Personal vehicles

* Force One (SUV)
* Force Gurkha
Commercial vehicles
* Force Trax (SUV-MPV)
* Force Traveller (LCV) A modified Mercedes-Benz T1
* Force Trump 40 (SCV)
Agricultural vehicles
* Balwan tractors
* Orchard tractors
The famous 'Mercedes' OM-616 engine made under license has been further developed with Force Motors's own R & D and with assistance from M/s. Ricardo of...
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