Second Life Lab Assignment #1

Topics: Virtual reality, Simulated reality, Second Life Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Second Life Lab Assignment #1

A ‘second life’ beyond the world we already live in is sometimes a hard concept to grasp. We live in a vibrant and high paced world, so to have to create and mimic our actual world we live onto a computer screen seems far-fetched. Digitally, we have come a long way from the bulky box computers that would take up the whole room. The graphics we see now on computer screens are enhanced in such a way that virtual worlds are possible. To create this second world to be as lifelike as possible creators of second life systems create stereoscopic displays. These displays create two similar views to view the virtual world. Each view is tailored to create the view from each separate eye. Not only does it take a great view to make up a second world but also the way we can control what is in this second world. Virtual worlds today have important input devices called the trackers. There are three types of trackers, optical, magnetic and acoustic. The optical tracker uses camera-based environments in order to track movement of the player. By doing this, the movement generated in the virtual world is more lifelike and natural. The magnetic and acoustic trackers allow the user to interact in the virtual world by a magnetic field or high frequency sound (respectively) emitted to the receptor. The user wears either a hand or headpiece in that sends these fields or frequencies to the receptor. Other pieces one might wear to enter a virtual world are glasses or helmets. By wearing this headgear you are able to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world. Currently virtual reality is mainly found on computer devices. In the future we can expect smartphones to become more developed. The phone will not just be limited to your hand but will have screens expanding right in front of you. With this technology, playing phone games will become more like playing them in a virtual world. Virtual reality is not only for entertainment purposes; it is also...
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