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Topics: Bless you, Gesundheit, English phrases Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Hello, my name is [insert name] , and I'm running for school president. You may know me, but for the ones who don’t I am an [enter grade]. Today I’m going to tell you why I should to be school president. I'm here to discuss fun, and more important things. I know that it is the beginning of the year , but have we done anything fun this year or are we? And what funds have we raised for field trips? Nada! Right. I, [insert name], should be voted for school President this year because, it is my [number of years in school] year here in this awesome school, and because I have ideas on how we can have fun AND make money for field trips or other fun activities that we have never done and we would like to do it. I say other activities because we want have more fun activities other than fieldtrips like party’s! And if you scholars have other ideas let me know. Your minds and mine, together, can help make our school go down in history as the best school in [enter state]! Or at least the best in [enter city] . We can do fundraisers or selling chocolates to do fun activities. The more you guys will sell in the fundraiser the prize will be bigger! I hope that you guys like my ideas. Well, thank you for listening . All you happy people have to do is put that circle around "(insert name)" on election day. If not . Thank you for your time comrades, and God bless You guys.
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