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Hi, I am l some of you may notice that this is in fact my second speech to you, last year I ran for head boy, and you did not vote me in. In hindsight it was the right decision, Liam has done some good work over the last year, most notably the Red nose day fund raisers and also the sixth former for a day scheme, both of which I will continue if you elect me to the post of head boy. Now, I could stand here and make promises of discos, concerts and other things to be handed to you. You are not small children to be offered promises like this to secure votes, because you know as well as I do that if I promise you these things I can not deliver them. Looking around I know the vast majority of faces here and over the past few years I have watched you grow, and I am proud to know you. This school is made by people like us, it is what makes us unique and it is what makes me passionate. I want this place to be as good as it can be and with your help it will be. I am a very practical person as I know a lot of you are, we realize that no matter how much we ask, is not going to abolish school uniform. But we are also dreamers, practical dreamers we know there are something that can not be achieved now, but we dream and work for the day they can be achieved. I will not give you a better school but together we will make it better.
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