Sappho Analysis

Topics: Love, Helen, Husband, Marriage, Feeling / Pages: 3 (620 words) / Published: Apr 1st, 2013
Sappho Analysis

Summary * Sappho is the author of the poem to an army wife in Sardis. Sappho was a writer, she lived and wrote on the island of lesbos. On this island she would teach women, and write them poems. * Sappho actually developed feelings for many of her female students, and that’s where the term lesbians is derived from, the island of Lesbos..

* We feel The poem is a response letter from a soldier to his wife named anactoria. Anactoria happened to be one of sapphos students. Anactoria had planned to leave her husband after developing an emotional relationship with Sappho. * We found out that Anactoria planned on leaving her husband through a letter she wrote him

* In the letter back to her the soldier tries to convince anactoria that leaving him for Sappho is wrong. To get the point across the soldier refers to Helen of troy and the story of hhow her decision to leave her husband for her lover the future King of Troy caused the destruction of that city. * Helens decision to leave her family and everything behind to pursue a new love destroyed the future of an entire city. * In the passage we get the feeling that the soldier despises Helen for this decision, and he is trying to convince his wife tht if she leaves him for her new lover Sappho she may also end up destroying something great. That something great may just be him and his love for her because in the poem saappho uses a lot of imagery to represent the soldiers love for his wife.

Visual representation(picture) * We felt the picture of the couple running away with the words saying “lets run away because nothing matters more than you and me” represesnts a few aspects of the poem. * It represesnts the soldiers example of Helen of Troy leaving her loved ones behind in the text it says “ she wandered far with her lover leaving everybody behind”. * It also represents Anactoria leaving the soldier himself behind to pursue a new love with Sappho.

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