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The Odyssey set 5 XV through XVIII

Book XV
1. What is the parting gift Helen gives Telémakhos?
She gives to Telemakhos, but especially for his future bride, a woven gown knitted by her own hands.

2. What is the sign Meneláos struggles to read?
An eagle killing a white goose is the sign that Zeus sends but turns to be hard to read for Menelaos.

3. How was the swineherd taken from his family as a child?
He was taken as the most precious good that the Sidonian servant could have ever taken from the king. The servant sailed with the Phoenician sailors but after six days she died. The Phoenicians sold Eumaius to Leartes in Ithaka.

4. What is the omen that Theoklýmenos interprets to mean that Telémakhos’ family will be in power forever? A hawk attacking a dove with the meaning that Telemakhos family will reign in Ithaka forever.

Book XVI
5. After they eat, how does Telémakhos question Odysseus, who is disguised as a beggar and whose real identity is still unknown to Telémakhos, about his home port? Telemakhos asked why and what was the beggar doing in the lands of Itakha. Odysseus identity is the one hidden from Telemakhos.

6. How does Telémakhos find out the beggar at the cabin is really his father? Athene is the one who disguised Odysseus to not being recognized by the time he got into Ithaka. When Odysseus is left alone with Telemakhos she approaches to him whispering that there is the right time to reveal his real self

7. How do the suitors find out Telémakhos has escaped assassination? The swineherd announces to the people, especially to Penelope, that beloved Telemakhos arrived home safely.

8. Penelope appears in the hall and speaking directly to Antínoös confronts him about the plot to murder Telémakhos. What does she say to him about his own father? She reminds him that his father was saved by Odysseus, and that he must show some respect for their household.

9. When Penelope asks Telémakhos about his trip...
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