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The Odyssey set 5 XV through XVIII

Book XV
1. What is the parting gift Helen gives Telémakhos?
She gives to Telemakhos, but especially for his future bride, a woven gown knitted by her own hands.

2. What is the sign Meneláos struggles to read?
An eagle killing a white goose is the sign that Zeus sends but turns to be hard to read for Menelaos.

3. How was the swineherd taken from his family as a child?
He was taken as the most precious good that the Sidonian servant could have ever taken from the king. The servant sailed with the Phoenician sailors but after six days she died. The Phoenicians sold Eumaius to Leartes in Ithaka.

4. What is the omen that Theoklýmenos interprets to mean that Telémakhos’ family will be in power forever? A hawk attacking a dove with the meaning that Telemakhos family will reign in Ithaka forever.

Book XVI
5. After they eat, how does Telémakhos question Odysseus, who is disguised as a beggar and whose real identity is still unknown to Telémakhos, about his home port? Telemakhos asked why and what was the beggar doing in the lands of Itakha. Odysseus identity is the one hidden from Telemakhos.

6. How does Telémakhos find out the beggar at the cabin is really his father? Athene is the one who disguised Odysseus to not being recognized by the time he got into Ithaka. When Odysseus is left alone with Telemakhos she approaches to him whispering that there is the right time to reveal his real self

7. How do the suitors find out Telémakhos has escaped assassination? The swineherd announces to the people, especially to Penelope, that beloved Telemakhos arrived home safely.

8. Penelope appears in the hall and speaking directly to Antínoös confronts him about the plot to murder Telémakhos. What does she say to him about his own father? She reminds him that his father was saved by Odysseus, and that he must show some respect for their household.

9. When Penelope asks Telémakhos about his trip for the first time, what does he say to her? Penelope makes a claim of why he left Itakha without letting her now; however, he tells his mother to bathe and pray meanwhile he goes for Theoklymenos.

10. After the maids bath Telémakhos and Theoklýmenos, what does Penelope ask Telémakhos? She asked he knew any news about her beloved husband. Telemakhos said that the thing that he knew is that he was trapped on the island of Kalypso which upsets Penelope.

11. When Melánthios the goatherd taunts and then kicks at Odysseus, what happens? Melanthios says that Odysseus died at sea and he reveals the plan of the suitors who are planning to kill Telemakhos.

12. Who is Argos?
A dog that was trained by Odysseus when he was a puppy, later the dog dies when they leave.

13. Why does Odysseus curse Antínoös?
Because when Odysseus approached to Antinoos is order to ask for his help, he was not as generous as the other men were even though he was a lordly man. This made Antinoos seem a greedy pity man. Then Antinoos hits Odysseus shoulder and this one stands in front of the crow cursing him to die before his wedding day.

14 and 15. When Eumaios summons Odysseus at Penelope’s request, what is Odysseus’ response? How does Penelope respond to that? He says that he is afraid of the suitor’s crowd because they seem really violent; he says that he will not approach to the queen until sundown. Penelope later agrees with this proposal because she knows that this will make the suitors really angry.

16. Which one of the suitors does Odysseus warn to leave? Why does he not leave? Irus who is another beggar, he mocks of how Antinoos was able to hurt Odysseus should with a simple punch. Odysseus does not leave because he is hungry and wants to sit with the other men to eat.

17. What prompts Penelope to appear before the suitors?
Athene because she wants Penelope to show how beautiful she is to her husband

18. Penelope tells the suitors Odysseus’ parting command to her as he left for Troy. What did he tell her? By the time that Odysseus was parting, he told Penelope that if he had not come back in a prudent time she should have gotten a new husband.

19. Melántho, one of the housemaids whom Penelope raised as one of her own and who was now sleeping with Eurýmakhos, taunts Odysseus impudently. Odysseus glares and her and says something that frightens her. What does he say? He says that he is going to tell Telemakhos how is she is behaving and her rude attitude with the beggar.

Critical analysis (+5 EC) Discuss Penelope’s appearance to the suitors. This is an important scene. What happens that strikes you as important, odd, or curious? What are the suitors’ reactions? What about Odysseus?

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