Sample: Typography and Training Report

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(Four Weeks/Six Weeks/ Six Months)

The sequence in which the training report material should be arranged and bound as follows:

1. Cover Page
2. Inner Title Page (Same as cover page)
3. Certificate by Company/Industry/Institute
4. Certificate by Student
5. Acknowledgement
6. About Company/industry/institute
7. Table of Contents
8. List of Tables
9. List of Figures
10. Abbreviations and Nomenclature(If any)
11. Chapters
12. References
13. Data Sheet(If any)
14. Appendices ( If any)

The tables and figures shall be introduced in the appropriate places.


1. The training report must be submitted in Two Copies (one for department and 2nd for library) duly signed by the HOD. Students should also submit the soft copy on CD in pdf format in the library. 2. The length of the training report may be about 40 to 70 page. 3. The training report shall be computer typed (English- British, Font -Times Roman, Size-12 point) and printed on A4 size paper. 4. The training report shall be hard bound with cover page in Maroon color. The name of the students, degree, duration of training period, name of the university including institute name shall be printed in Golden letters on the cover page [Refer sample sheet (outer cover page)] 5. The training report shall be typed with 1.5 line spacing with a margin 3.5 cm on the left, 2.5 cm on the top, and 1.25 cm on the right and at bottom. Every page in the report must be numbered. The page numbering, starting from acknowledgements and till the beginning of the introductory chapter, should be printed in small Roman numbers, i.e, i, ii, iii, iv...... The page number of the first page of each chapter should not be printed (but must be accounted for). All page numbers from the second page of each chapter should be printed using Arabic numerals, i.e. 2,3,4,5... All printed page numbers should be located at the bottom centre of the page. 6. In the training report, the title page [Refer sample sheet (inner title pager)] should be given first and printed in black letters. 7. The table of contents should list all headings and sub-headings. The title page and certificates will not find a place among the items listed in the Table of Contents. One and a half line spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head. 8. The list of tables should use exactly the same captions as they appear above the tables in the text. One and a half spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head. 9. The list of figures should use exactly the same captions as they appear below the figures in the text. One and a half spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head. 10. The list of symbols, abbreviation & nomenclature should be typed with one and a half line spacing. Standard symbols, abbreviation etc should be used. 11. Training report should consist of following chapters.

a. Chapter 1-Introduction
b. Chapter 2- Project work

(It will be divided into several chapters and each chapter should be numbered separately. A chapter may be further divided into several divisions and sub-divisions depending on type & volume of work. This contains the text & related to hardware & software implementation).

c. Chapter 3-Result & Discussion.
d. Chapter 4-Conclusion & Future Scope. (The chapter No. of chapter 3 & 4 may vary depending on no. of chapters covered in ‘Project Work’ chapter)

Each chapter should be given an appropriate title. Tables & figures in a chapter should be placed in the immediate vicinity of the reference where they...
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