Template for Case Analysis Reports

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As I repeatedly indicated, your case analysis should be done according to the section II (p. 202, edition 9) included in the textbook and entitled “Analyzing Marketing Problems and Cases.” I also provide you with the template listed below likely to help you in preparing your cases’ reports.

|Section |Contents | |Title Page |Title of case, date, team member names and student numbers. | |Table of Contents |Major sections of paper, exhibits, appendices with titles | |Executive Summary |One-to two-page summary of the analysis and recommendations. | | |State the main issues of the case omitting descriptive details. This may take the form of a problem | | |statement but it may be a statement of a marketing opportunity to which the firm may be able to | |Introduction and |react. Distinguish between the issues as seen by the “actors” in the case and additional issues | |Problem/Issue Identification |perceived by you. This section gives the case report focus. All following sections should then be | | |analyzed in terms of what it means to the problem at hand. | | |This analysis consists of analyzing the external environment of the company (competitors, social, | | |technological, regulations, etc.). The purpose is to identify the key opportunities and threats in | | |the environment. | | |They are external to a...

Bibliography: |Only necessary if you use any material from outside the case itself. |
Delivery format
In terms of appearance, your objective is a case that is up to the best business standards.
That means your report should be typewritten, 12 pts Times New Roman, double-spaced on 8 ½ x 11 inch white paper with one inch margins. The report should not exceed 12 pages (exclusive of appendices) and must have a summary executive page at the beginning.
Appendices consist of information that supports the body of your report but is too detailed or voluminous to include in the body. This is where any financial analysis, segmentation grids, or decision matrices should be housed. Appendices not referenced in the body of the report will not be marked. Any other elements of the case analysis do not belong in the Appendices and if included there will not be marked.
Good English grammar and spelling count so edit carefully. Marks will reflect this.
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