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Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage Pages: 5 (1879 words) Published: April 15, 2014
The Controversy of Same Sex Marriage
Same sex marriage has been a huge controversial issue since the 1970’s. It is considered to be a civil rights, political, social, moral and religious issue in the United States. Only 17 states over the past ten years have legalized same sex marriage while thirty-three of the fifty states have had it banned. In 1998, Hawaii and Alaska were the first states to ban same sex marriage but since then, Massachusetts was the first state to finally legalize gay marriage In 2004. Even back in the late 70’s people began to wonder what marriage actually was due to men loving men or women loving women. People questioned laws and questioned the norm of the men being the leader of a family or of a household. Ever since the late 70’s marriage has evolved in many ways, starting with the 17 states that allow same sex marriage today and all of the people who truly support same sex marriage. In 2009, President Obama told ABC that he believes that gay couples should be allowed to get married. He even was elected again for his second term in 2012 after making that comment. Whether this was because of that comment or not, it definitely had an effect on the type and amount of people who voted for and against him for this second term. People oppose or support gay marriage but some people it does not affect them at all. They could care less if people are the same sex or different sex as long as it does not affect the way they live their life. Some people believe that same sex marriage will affect the way people live and affect the way their children will grow up. They also believe that it is just morally right for a woman and a man to be together. Others believe that everyone should have their own right to marry and to love who they want to. It varies in different states and countries and wherever you go but the debate about same sex marriage has come a long way from back in the day to where it is now. Opposing Side

In 1988, 89 percent of the United States population was against same sex marriage. Now there are only about 40 to 50 percent of people against it. There are many reasons people believe same sex marriage should be banned or not allowed. The main reason being that it goes against the bible and that it offends god. In an article called 10 reasons why homosexual “marriage” is harmful it is said that people believe that it violates the natural order that is established by god in the bible (10 reasons why homosexual “marriage” is harmful, TFP student action). Marriage is considered to be a covenant between man and woman. It has never been considered anything else. Therefore people don’t think a person of the same sex getting married is considered a marriage. Another big reason people are against same sex marriage is that it denies a child either a mother or a father. If you have a gay marriage with two men, the child will never have a mother figure to possibly teach them a feminine side. This sometimes leads to a more aggressive or non-behaving child. If you deny a child a father, they will never have a masculine side and may not be able to stand for themselves or be too emotional. People in a same sex marriage may also promote same sex marriage for the rest of the world. If it is not right, it shouldn’t be promoted to the rest of the world because it will cause the problem to spread. For a man and women, marriage makes more sense. It is biologically correct as some people put it. For gays or lesbians, it does not, nor will it ever biologically make sense. Without it biologically making sense, couples in a same sex marriage will never be able to reproduce creating a family of their own. Some people believe that if you are not able to have your own child, you will never be able to have a strong connection with your child considering it is not biologically yours. Same sex marriage does not create a stable, affectionate and moral environment to raise a child either. It shows them that it may be okay to...
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