Gay Marriage

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Virtue ethics Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Paper on your Ethical Issue
Posted on: Friday, May 3, 2013
Dear Students --
As we reach the end of the term your last assignment is to write a 3-4 page paper on a topic from current events. You may change the topic from the one you submitted but it should be something that you can defend from the perspective of 4 ethical theories. The paper must have a title page and its title must be a normative statement expressing your judgement. An example of a normative statement is: "Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized." You should discuss your reasoning in terms of the different ethical theories studied. Be sure to show how the ethical theory applies and also address objections that might be raised to those reasons and how your position answers those objections. when you use Utilitarianism, remember than you must name and count harms and benefits and show how the benefits of your position outweigh the harms. Those of you going into the final exam with an A or A-, or B+ will be exempt from taking the exam if your paper get an 85 or over. You will receive one of those high grades depending on your overall average and quality of work. Those of you who are failing or getting below B+ will have to take the exam. The grade for the paper will be factored into your overall grade. If you have any questions about the paper or the exam or anything else, please ask it inside the discussion board under the Ask the Professor forum so everyone can benefit from our exchange. There will be no other discussions or quizzes from here on. We will discuss Hotel Rwanda in class. Think about Paul's character and virtue as we watch the end of the movie next week and whether you think that his actions and motivations are good. How do you compare virtue ethics to rule-oriented ethics? Consider this as we watch the end of the movie on Thursday. Best wishes to you all.

Prof. Hannon
Posted by: Amy Hannon
Posted to: Spring 2013 Ethics Introductn: PHL 130 4389 [4389] (CSI ) FINAL EXAM...
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