Case Study of the Holiday: Instructions and Notes on Presentation

Pages: 4 (1165 words) Published: December 28, 2014
Seminar Five
Seminar Objectives
Students will:
Stay in the seminar debating teams.
See some more news stories that have ethical dimensions.
Discuss in teams the same case study that was introduced in Seminar One. Preserve these notes for comparison with their analysis of the same ethical dilemma at the beginning of the module. Take personal journal notes of their revised impressions and feelings about the case.

Preparation for Seminar
NB: Make sure that you attend the seminar with a print out of the Seminar Brief and The Case Study. We want you to re-analyse the ethical dilemma case. This will include the thoughts and ideas of others in your team. Use the theory and frameworks that you have encountered during the module (the seminar laminates are your starting point). This exercise can be contrasted and compared with the notes that you made in Seminar One. You will be able to reflect upon working in your seminar teams and how increasing your appreciation of the course content has enabled you to be better prepared for future ethical dilemmas you might encounter in your career. Team Tasks: Seminar Five

1. Reconsider the ethical dilemmas you identified in Seminar One. 2. Can you find any more in the case?
3. Are you satisfied that your original answers were right?
4. Work through each dilemma that you have identified and … a. Identify the normative ethical theories that inform the character’s dilemma b. Identify the descriptive ethical frameworks that can be used to explain the character’s dilemma 5. Team spokespersons will present conclusions to the seminar in plenary session. 6. Make notes of where your peer discussion highlights similarities and differences from your own thinking. Writing the assignment Portfolio Appendix B (after the seminar) Read the SM0381 Assignment Brief carefully.

Briefly mention all the dilemmas discovered in the case.
Select one of the dilemmas in the Holiday Case for full ethical analysis using the normative ethical...
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