Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Civil union Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Alissa Mincey
September 24, 2012
EH 101
“The Case for (Gay) Marriage Response” - Blended Response Gay marriage discussions are highly present in our society. Student writer, A.J. Chavez argues that not only should marriage occur between a man and a woman, but also the same sex. He articulates his thoughts on how if the same sex feels the same way a straight couple feels, and then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, our society uses religious views and traditional morals to restrain gay marriage. Apparently, we as a nation are indecisive on this issue today. The student writer states valid arguments and backs it up completely. In Chavez’s essay, he argues his point of view on gay civil unions. His argument begins with, “What if this was a gay world, and you were straight?” This gives the reader an idea from their own perspective on how it would be if he or she was in that predicament. He states in his first argument that the legalization of gay marriage will establish equality for all. I completely agree because the gay society is very much discriminated today. They don’t have the rights he or she wants to receive. One of my favorite points of this article, is his point if gay marriage was legalized, religious communities would continue to do as it please. For myself, being Catholic if we are married and choose to divorce we will not be blessed for a second marriage. In some situations marriages do not work because of cheating, abuse, and etc. This comes down to the rights of people again. If he or she feels that a marriage is not working and they want a divorce it is their decision. Even though, I am Catholic if I ever come to a situation where I am not happy in my marriage I will divorce. It is my life and how I live it is my decision not another. Gay people have an opinion as everyone else does. They aren’t different from us therefore, we as a society need to stop compelling with this idea we have. However, Chavez’s viewpoints are valid. Such an...
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