Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, United States Constitution, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: February 9, 2014
Persuasive Essay: Gay Marriage
Social justice is the fair administration of laws relating to the natural law that every ethnicity, gender, race, and religion be treated equally and without prejudice. In North Carolina, there are many examples of social injustice that we need to address. One particular issue is gay marriage. My position is that people should be able to love and marry any gender they choose. There are many arguments to support this position including easier, and increasing adoptions between gay couples. Some people say that gay marriage does not fit with the “real” definition of marriage, but that is a weak argument and, it is not true. Most importantly, gay marriage is a civil right. All humans should and need to be born with the right to choose what gender they want to marry.

First of all, allowing gay marriage will make it easier for gays and lesbians to adopt children. Currently, in the US only, there are over 100,000 children waiting to be adopted. The already adopted children of gay or lesbian couples do not have the same rights and protections connected with children of heterosexual, straight parents. If gay marriage is not approved, the gays and their children will have 1,138 less benefits than those of heterosexual parents. Also, longitudinal studies have shown that many children adopted from lesbian and gay couples were rated at the same level or higher in social and academic work compared to children from heterosexual families. So, by allowing gay marriage, you are also allowing more children to have a potentially successful life.

Some will argue that gay marriage is wrong by definition, and that marriage is partly defined by the bearing of children. However, this is a weak argument. There are about eight million gays and lesbians in the world that have raised children successfully. Gays and lesbians have raised children from processes of adoption, artificial insemination, and surrogate parenting. Also, some of...
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