Sales Management Project Report

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Sales Management
Final Project Report

Lahore Business School

Date: 13th December 2013

Submitted to:
Sir Jawad A.K. Tareen

Submitted by:
Sheheryar Jamal Pasha BBA.02113108 Umer Ahmed BBA.02113248 Hira Khan BBA.02113194 Irfan Shahid BBA.02113275 Hassam Bin Hamid BBA.02113273 Section C

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Executive Summary

We were tasked with interviewing the sales manager of a firm, in order to analyze the working of their sales department. We chose Atlas Honda as our company for this project and secured an interview with their sales manager, and questioned him in detail about the operational procedures of the sales department of Atlas Honda. This report contains his responses that shed light on the workings of Atlas Honda’s sales force, as well as our evaluation of their sales operations.

Selected Company

Atlas Honda is a joint venture between Atlas Group of Pakistan and Honda Motor Company of Japan. We chose Atlas Honda as it is the market leader of motorcycles in Pakistan, and thus conducts hefty sales of motorcycles every month, employing a number of effective sales techniques in order to make new customers and to retain old customers. When asked why he chose to pursue a career in sales, he expressed his gratification in working to achieve a target of sales against his competitors, the incentives offered for achieving more than the target, and the freedom and travel opportunities that only a sales job could provide. His philosophy regarding his sales career resides in giving a proper product to the customer for the money spent by him, and to create customer lifetime value and build long-term relationships with customers.


Q1. How do you see the marketplace today-changes and trends? Ans. “In terms of motorbikes, there has not been much of a change in the market in reference to commuter bikes, hence little changes have been made to the existing CD70 model as it is still used as a simple commuter motorcycle. The CD125 model has received a deluxe edition, giving it a sporty look to appeal to more image conscious segment. The Pridor was introduced as a 100cc sporty bike, targeted at customers who wanted something in between the existing 70cc and 125cc motorcycles. The most significant change in the market has been the developing interest in sports bikes. To meet this new growing segment in the market, we have launched the Honda CBR150 and Honda CBR500 sports bikes. Atlas Honda closely observes market changes and trends and adjusts its product line accordingly.”

Q2. How do you view the importance of cultural diversity in the marketplace? Ans. “Here in Pakistan when we talk about cultural diversity, it is not particularly significant in terms of commuter motorcycles, as customers looking for commuting motorcycles generally have the same needs such as low price and economical fuel consumption, making the difference in culture largely irrelevant. However, diversity in culture has led to a new market of customers who want high-performance sports and are willing to pay more, a market that we have tapped with the launch of the CBR150 and CBR500.”

Q3. How do you define the role of sales support? How important are ethics? Ans. “Sales support forms an important part of the sales department here at Atlas Honda....
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