Insight into Professional Selling

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MKTG 311

The objective of this project is to give you the opportunity to get some practical insight into professional selling by interviewing a professional sales person and observing him/her perform the basic selling techniques in a real life situation. You will then apply the concepts that you learned in this course by documenting your findings and observations in a report based on the format provided.

Value: 30% of final grade.

Due Dates: Sec.1B Sec.2M Sec.1M
Proposal (see attached) Sept.30 Oct.3 Oct.4 Note: Status Report (1 Page) Oct.28 Oct.31 Nov.1 Failure to meet the due date for the final Final Project Nov.18 Nov.21 Nov.22 report will result in a mark of ZERO.

Overview and Requirements:

1. You are required to select a company that meets the assignment criteria (see below). You will then contact a sales person to obtain his/her agreement to support you. First, you will arrange a face-to-face interview to learn about what he/she does and to gather the information required for your paper. Secondly, you are required to job shadow your sales person by accompanying him/her to a real sales meeting or sales presentation with one of his/her customers or prospects. You will then document your findings and observations based on the format provided below. 2. Students can do this assignment individually or in pairs. Both students will receive the same mark, unless any special circumstances are brought to the instructor’s attention. If working in pairs, both students are required to attend both the Interview and the Job Shadow and participate equally in completing the assignment. If you do not attend both the Interview and Job Shadow, you will automatically fail the assignment.

3. Select a company that sells either goods or services in a “BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS” environment (i.e. Kraft selling to Sobey’s) and has annual sales of at least $10 million. Do not select: retailers, companies that sell directly to consumers, distributors or sales agencies. 4. Select a salesperson who is a professionally trained “outside sales person”. Do not select a relative. However, use people in your network to secure referrals. Please note that finding an appropriate company and salesperson is part of the assignment. 5. Submit your company proposal to the instructor for approval before you begin (see attached). 6. Submit a one page status report summarizing your progress on the due date (see above). 7. A complete project must be a minimum 12 pages in length (excluding appendices), written in 12 point font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins, on one side of the page, and Cerlux or spiral bound. 8. You must submit business cards of the Sales Representative and the Buyer with the project. Note: NO BUSINESS CARDS results in NO MARK.

9. Send a well written, professional “thank-you” letter or email to both your sales person and the customer to show your appreciation and include a hard copy in the appendix. 10. You must not copy directly from company or other documents/sources without proper citation of sources (footnotes/endnotes). Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism and will result in a zero grade. Please use the APA format for citing sources. Consult the business librarian for help. Refer to this site: 11. You will also be required to submit your project to SAFE ASSIGN for screening. Refer to the BlackBoard course site for information and submission instructions.)

Content and Format of the Report

Use the following format and number the sections exactly as indicated here.

1* Cover Page
Includes: company name, students’ first and last names, section no. and date submitted

2* Table of Contents
Includes: each topic and page...
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