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safeguarding children and young people

By Psye Jan 07, 2014 1434 Words
Assessment task-TDA 2.2 Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people

Task 1
1.1 Identify the current legislation,guidelines,policies and procedures for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people, including e-safety

The children act 1989
The children act 2004
Working together to safeguarding children 2006
The child exploitation and online protection (ceop)centre

The children’s act 2004
The children’s act 2004 was prompted by the lord laming inquiry in to the horrific history of abuse and eventual death of Victoria climbie in February 2002. The inquiry report revealed major failings within the different child protection systems and procedures with which the eight year old girl came into contact . Victoria climbie died despite being known to four bouroughs, two hospitals, two police child protection teams and the national society for the prevention of cruelty to children.

Working together to safeguard children 2006
This followed on from the children act 2004 and confirmed the intention to oblige all agencies and services to work together to minimise risks and to anticipate what might threaten the welfare of children and young people. The two legislation are very similar to what the do,due to failiurs in the past in protecting children these two legislation are working together to tackle abuse with children,working together to safeguarding childrens act are basially to support children by working together with all professionals and agencys the say every service has to play its part and communicate to one another about such child. Their primary responsibility should be in protecting the child.

1.2 describe the roles of different agencies involved in safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. The intergrated chidrens system is there to help social services managers and practitioners,working together with work colleges from other agencies,to improve outcomes for children in need and their families. The criminal records bureau-the crb check is to check if anyone who wishes to work with children and young people or the vulnerable adult or ederly has been in any previous abuse or convicted in any dangerous violence.they crb get with other agencies and find out all information about this individual and provide the applicant with a disclosure. The indipendant safeguarding authority (isa)-anyone working or volunteering with children or vulnerable adults to register with isa. The child exploitation and online protection (ceop)centre-this is a uk national law inforcement agency who are tackling sexual abuse on children and also run the thinkuknow internet safety scheme(e-safety),parents and children are also incouraged to use the system to report internet abuse etc. The NSPCC

-helping children through child line :childline is the uks free,confidencial helpline for children and young people. -services for children and families,children who have experienced or at risk of abuse. -advice for adults and professionals: NSPCC

-research:NSPCC looks at the issues around abuse in order to develop services,campaigns. -consultancy services :NSPCC works with organisations and professional networks to help them do everything they can to protect children.

1.3 describe the risks and possible consequences for children and young people using the internet, mobile phones and other technologies

children and young people may be involved or be a victim of cyber bullying,it can be very hard for parents and guardians to identify any one who is bullying the child vie the phone,msgs or email.They can also create hate websites on social networking sites which can be very disturbing for the victim. Cyber abuse may,e.g. involve an individual stalking a youth in cyberspace, a youth exposed to inappropriate sexual images,or peers bullying a victim vie chat rooms or texts. Happy slapping e.g where unmotivated violence amongst youths is recorded vie cell phone and uploaded on websites such as YouTube etc. Cyber abuse also is very dangerious for children and young people specially female as they can be sent images of a young man on social networking sites or by mobile phones and when they decide to meet they could be in the hands of a much older male who could be a rapist, murderer.

1.4 describe actions to take in response to evidence or concerns that a child or young person has been abused, harmed (including self harm)or bullied, or may be at risk of harm, abuse or bullying. There is a designated senior person at the setting that I work in who is responsible for child protection, who has appropriate training and support for this role.i would report to this person and she will deal with the situation accordingly by the setting policy. The setting would keep written reports of concerns about children,even where it is decided that there is no need to refer the matter immediately.These records will be kept separately from the childs education record. If matter is serious there should be other agencies involved immediately such as the social services etc.

1.5 describe the principles and boundaries of confidentiality,and when to share information.

My responsibility as a staff to makesure all matters are dealt with confidentially therefore the school policy is to makesure all records are kept securely,separate from the main pupils file,and in locked this school such records are kept in the deputy heads office. When to share information if the child has revealed concerns which cannot be ignored nor a child who has reaccuring marks on body or change in behaviour.this should be reported to social services or a relevant agenciy.

Task 2 As part of safeguarding the welfare of children and young people,gather evidence that shows that you can:

1.6 Describe the actions to take in response to emergency situations,including: -fires
On hearing the fire alarm
Leave the building by the nearest exit
Close all doors behind you
Report to the assembly point
Each teacher and responsible adults within the setting should leave the building with their class or group by the most convienient means this in the setting I work in has provided me with when I started work.attendance registers should be handed to class teachers and the children checked as soon as they are safely in the junior playground. Report any missing children, staff or visitors immediately to the headteacher or deputy headteacher and report that the children are out safely. On discovering a fire

Operate the nearest fire alarm
999 to call the fire brigade
Attack the fire if possible
Proceed to the assembly point
-security incidents
The school is gated and only authorised pupil can enter premises after school start time and finish time, pupil should report to reception should we be suspicious about a person we should immediately let the head teacher or deputy head know, if the person is forceful in going in the school we immediately call 999.Should any incidents of theft involving children the teacher and head teacher will investigate the matter if serious then the police will be notified and also it will be recorded in the incident book.should any incident involve physical violence against staff we will report this to the health and safety executive and support the teacher in question if he/she wishes the matter to be reported to the police. - missing children or young people.

If a child goes missing on school premises, whilst in our care, the person in charge will take the following action: In the case of a Junior School pupil follow the procedure outlined below immediately 

Gather all the children safely together and take the register/head count to ensure no other child is missing.

Conduct an initial sweep of the immediate area without causing undue panic amongst the other children, and/or leaving the children alone at any time.

when it is confirmed that a child is missing, the person in charge at that time should Use the Red Star system to call for additional help from one of the following members of Staff

Term time contacts
(Head of Junior School)
( Head of Early Years)
After School/Holiday Contacts (Out of School Care Manager)

Maintain staff ratios.

Instigate a more thorough search of the premises and immediate surrounding area.

Advise Reception in Main School of missing child so that all staff in the school can be asked to check their immediate area and that a wider search of the campus can be carried out (Buildings and grounds).

Contact should be maintained at all times with a senior member of staff.

If after 15 minutes the child is still not found, telephone contact should be made with a member of the Senior Management team who will then make contact with the child’s parents/guardians and the Police, that a full search can be carried out.

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