Case Study in Social Work Practice

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This essay will identify a case I have been involved in and have continuously had to assess whilst on placement. It will refer to a child who will be identified as A. A is a young carer and has only recently returned home after being removed from his mothers care due to her having a substance abuse problem and mental health concerns. I will link the legal framework that was relevant to this case study and describe actions taken. Additionally these actions will demonstrate the application of social work methods and theories that were contributive elements in his intervention, offering explanations as to why these particular methods were used. Before closing, the essay will review any issues of discrimination with a reflection of the overall process of working with this child throughout the duration of my placement and end with a conclusion. ABOUT THE ORGANISATION

My placement is a charity organisation involved with the promotion of children’s wellbeing with intervention programmes such as mentoring, group work including focus sessions and after school activities. Funded by Wandsworth Council this organisation receives their referrals directly from children’s services or schools in which the children attend.

A is one of the children that I was allocated to mentor. It was thought that he would benefit from the services as a means of emotional support due to him being witness to his mother’s substance abuse and having to care for his mother

. He was having difficulty settling in school and was falling behind due to either not attending or continuously being late. A recently returned to his mothers care on a full time basis.

This intervention and support was in accordance with s17(a)(b) of the Children Act 1989 (CA1989) which states that it is a duty of the local authority to safeguard and promote the welfare of children that are considered to be in need, as well as promoting the upbringing of children by their parents (Great Britain. Children Act 1989).

The CA1989 is the fundamental piece of legislation that informs the practice of my placement organisation but additionally there are frameworks and guidelines produced by government that need to be considered, especially with regards to working with children and conducting assessments. These legal frameworks give guidelines for social workers to ensure that professionally our functions act in accordance with government policies and the law. S7(1) of Local Authority Social Service Act 1970 (LASSA 1970) states that; “Local authorities shall, in the exercise of their social services functions, including the exercise of any discretion conferred by any relevant enactment, act under the general guidance of the Secretary of State”. (Great Britain. Local Authority Social Services Act 1970).

The ‘Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families’ (2000) reports on the importance of conducting assessments and ensuring that these assessments are accurate, as this is key in the effectiveness of the subsequent actions that are done and this ensures that children receive the right services suitable to their needs. ‘Every Child Matters’ (2003) put ideas forward for not only parents but organisations working with children to help promote the welfare and the well being of children. The aim of this piece of legislation gives...

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