Unit 333.3.2. Explain Policies and Procedures That Are in Place to Protect Children, Young People and Adults Who Work with Them.

Topics: Education, Human rights, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 7 (2328 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Unit 333.3.2. Explain policies and procedures that are in place to protect children, young people and adults who work with them.

In every organisation there are policies and procedures that the workforce has to follow, within the Education services we are no different and our policies and procedures are in place to protect both the young people and the people working with them.

Legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures affecting the safeguarding of children and young people would be:- * UN Convention on the rights of the Child
* Education Act 2002
* Children Act 2004 and Childcare 2000
* Human Rights1998
* Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
* Common Assessment Framework
* Special Educational Needs (SEN) code of practice 2001 and Disability Discrimination Act 1995/2005 * CRB checks
* Escorting visitors
* Attendance
* Disability act
* Drug and PSHE
* The Data Protection Act 1998.
* Freedom of information Act 2000

CRB checks have now changed the new version is now called Disclosures and applied for through vetting and barring service this is in line with national guidelines and everyone who works in the school has to comply.

All visitors have to be escorted whilst on school premises and they have to be signed in at reception, where we have a list of all our schools first aiders, and wear a visitor’s badge. If we see anyone we do not recognise without a badge we always ask who they are and what their business is within the school.

As part of moving our school forwards and improving the student’s grades we have a lot of interventions of one to one it is police to leave the door open and to sit furthest away from the door so that the student’s path to the door is not obstructed.

Child Protection Policy and Procedure, We at MOCS are rigorous in maintaining consistency with everything concerning safeguarding our students whether this is part of the ECM policy or Child Protection Policy. Our aim is to ensure that our students are able to learn in a safe and secure environment. This responsibility is not taken lightly. All our training is kept current and we are all made aware of our Designated Child Protection members of staff, (we have more than one) so that one will step in if another is not available. We also have a member of the Governing Body who takes the lead role in Child Protection part of their remit is to ensure we practice safe recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children. Equipping students with skill and making them aware of how to stay safe. They make sure we are all aware of what the procedures are for reporting suspected cases of abuse and how we can support students who have been abused in accordance with legislation. As we strive to succeed in these aims we are creating a safe environment in which our student can learn and develop. At MOCS our Child Protection Officer updates her list periodically to ensure that all our training and the training of new staff is current for both Safeguarding and Child Protection. Any new criteria that we NEED to know about is addressed at one of our regular full staff meetings, if the update cannot wait until our review date. We have forms kept in the staffroom for reporting any suspected Child protection incidents.

The counselling facility is for students who need to talk about problems that arise in their lives that they find difficult to deal with on their own. At MOCS we have a professional counsellor on site for the students to book an appointment with and this has proved to be a very popular service. MOCS policy for counselling clearly states it is for staff, students and parents. From this I gather it to be in conjunction with the student, if they seem to have constant problems with a specific member of staff or if they just don’t understand what the staff member requires of them. Or maybe they perceive that they have a problem...
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