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Currently these are the problems that usually occurs in distributing the students’ report cards. What is the extent of the problems faced by the student in terms of the following? a) Accessibility of the student’s grades.

b) Accuracy of the student’s grades given by their teachers.

c) Disputes or discrepancies of the students with their grades.

In order to provide excellent distribution of student’s grades, Trinity Christian School needs to develop an online grading system with an easy to use interface for teachers, and also the students to see their grades.

a) To be able to create a system that allows the students all-access to their grades at any given point of time and date.

b) To provide a system that updates the data of the grades in real time if not then on a specific time.

c) To create a system that notifies the teacher that his/her students has problems/disputes to their grades.

The following below are the users that would benefit greatly on the system: To the Students - Students would benefit in using the Online Grading System for involving themselves to partake justifying their grades. Students can also use this system to access or view their grades if ever they took an early vacation and aren’t able to get their report cards. And most importantly is that the student will enhance their sense of responsibility. To the Teachers - Teachers will benefit this system in regards to lessening the time distributing report cards to parents/ guardians. To the Parents/Guardians - There are some cases that a student would lie about their grades and won’t show the report cards to their parents, this system will make that situation impossible since the parents or the guardians will have access to the student’s grades and they would know if the student is lying or not.

To the Researchers - That the researchers would be able to create a fully...
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