Chapter 1 Online Grading System

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Online Grading System is an exercise in the professional judgment on the part of the teachers. It involves the collection and evaluation of evidence on student’s achievements or performance over a specified period of time. Educational institution is one of the major users of internet and computers application especially in ahead countries from the Philippines. A grade is a degree or rating in scale classifying according to quality, rank, work, or the result of evaluation, test achievement or examination that basis if the study or works are effective or done properly. A computerized grading system is very reliable, efficient and fast but it is more usable if it taking up to online or put it on a website. Using online grading system are very popular today and aside of being a service within the Internet that allows faculty to submit grades to the school and making online applications is one of in demand opportunities around the world. The proponents proposed this thesis entitled “Online Grading System for Innovative College of Science & Technology” to taking up the current grading system to the web. The main purpose is to help instructors on inputting their student’s grades. It is designed to instructors to input grades on the web and to make fast easy, detailed and provide printed outputs in giving grades. Innovative College of Science & Technology came into its eight years of existence under the intense desire of the founder and president Mr. Anthony L. Yap to provide the citizenry quality education and have a better future because he believes that a progressive future is anchored on quality and relevant education. The founder and president is a very successful man residing with his family in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro a thirty minutes ride from Malitbog, Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro. He decided to establish the said school in Bongabong: the said town because it is in the middle of neighboring towns in Second District of Oriental Mindoro. Innovative College of Science & Technology has a total of 43 current instructors, 16 school administrator personnel’s and 2,186 the current enrolled college student which are 446 students in Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education major in Pre-school, 144 in Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English, 75 in Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics, 320 in Bachelor of Science Business Administration, 657 in Bachelor of Science in Criminology, 147 in Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, 397 in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Most of the school instructors are implying that inputting the grades of the students are time consuming specially those instructors who having full loads or busy and they should wait their turn to input the grades of their students.

A.Project Description

The proponents proposed an Online Grading System for Innovative College of Science & Technology which is a website designed for college instructors which they are able to input the grades of their students especially during semestral breaks, holidays. Enhance the current grading system by taking it up online.

B.Project Context

1. Description of the existing Computerized Grading System of Innovative College of Science & Technology

Innovati¬¬¬ve College of Science & Technology Computerized Grading promotes a time reliable, fast and accurate inputting and computing grades.

a.Data Capture

Name of FormData Needed
User’s Log-inUsername

Table 1 User’s Log-in Form

Name of FormData Needed
First Semester
Select SemestralSecond Semester

Table 2 Semester form

Name of FormData Needed
Select Academic YearAcademic year

Table 3 Academic Year form

Name of FormData Needed
ICST Grading SystemSubject ID
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