Computerized Grading System

Topics: Database, Grade, Encoder Pages: 3 (489 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Informatics Computer Institute
Valenzuela BRANCH
IT211 Database design and Structured query language
Project Proposal

Project Title

“Computerized Grading System in AMA”


The computerized grading system of AMA is under AMA ORACLE PEOPLESOFT CAMPUS SOLUTIONS (AMA ORACLE-PSCS) an online-based database used by the AMA Group of Companies to further employ and advance the technological savvy amongst all employers, employees, teachers and students alike. Background of the Study

Russell de Villa works as an Assistant Instructor I at AMA Computer College, Batangas, Employed since July 2012 until present. He also works as an eLearning Coordinator for the Batangas Branch, where he mostly teaches Online Subjects and thus made him more familiar with the usage of online databases such as MOODLE and ORACLE PSCS. The computer grading system makes the computing of grades easier and less time consuming for the professors. It is reliable, accurate and more efficient to use than manual grading. Statement of the Problem

In Russell’s 5 months usage of the system, there are no significant problems/bugs, except during power outages, problems on the online internet connection (slow processing, not connecting at all.

Objectives of the Study
This is mostly used in two ways, one for the instructors and professors to encode grades into the database, as well as to encode their schedule, check class listings and schedules, and overall, it’s kind of like an online record book for any instructor working under AMA Computer Colleges. The other is for the students to check their encoded grades (an unofficial grade slip), know their time schedules and as well as a mean of contacting their instructors for any information or inform correctional concerns about their grades.

Scope and Limitation of the Study
As an e-Learning Coordinator for AMA Computer College, he uses the computerized grading system of AMA in ORACLE-PSCS for mostly encoding...
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