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Hazara University
AssignmentIdentify the commonly use Training Methods and briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of every methods. Lecturer Name Mr.Waseem
Student NameMr.Faheem Ahmad Abbasi

Employee Training:-
A learning experience designed to achieve a relatively permanent change in an individual that will improve the ability to perform on the job. And the development is Future-oriented training, focusing on the personal growth of the employee. TRAINING METHODS

1. Off the job training methods:
(Advantages and Disadvantages)


* Lecture method(Advantages)

In lecture method trainers used to communicate with spoken words which they want the trainees to learn. Lecture method is a popular training method despite of advanced new technologies such as interactive video and computer assisted instruction, it is least expensive and least time consuming way to present large amount of information efficiently in organized manner.

Example:Trainings of Bank Asia
* 1 day training program on Foreign Exchange Transaction and Reporting Techniques. * 1 day training program on Islamic Banking.

* Discussion method (Advantages)

This method allows two way communications between the trainer and trainees as well as among trainees. Discussions facilitate the exchange of ideas and are good ways developing critical thinking skills.

Example:Trainings of Bank Asia
* 1 day training program on Foreign Trade.
* 1 day training program on Asset liability management.

* Audio Visual method (Advantages)

Audio visual instruction includes overheads, slides and video. Video can be used for improving communication skills and customer service skills; it can also illustrate how procedures can be followed. Video is rarely used alone; it is normally used along with lectures to show trainees real life experiences and examples.

Example: Trainings of Bank Asia
* 1 day training program on Money laundering and combating financing on terrorism ACT. * 4 days training program on Cash Management

Disadvantages of Off the Job Training

* one way communication if couches hires.
* Short term training.
* If hires couches pay more and return could be nothing.
* they may not cover a specific curriculum or cover a standard set of topics. * The courses may lack participant interaction.
* Courses can become outdated quickly.

2. On The Job Training Methods:
(Advantages and Disadvantages)


* Job instruction training

This is a formalized, structured and systematic approach to OJT that consists of four steps preparation, instruction, and performance and follow up. With job instruction training the trainer demonstrates task performance on the job and then provides the trainee with opportunities to practice while the trainer provides feedback and reinforcement.

* Job Rotation

Job rotation provides, through a variety of work experiences, the broadened knowledge and understanding required to manage more efficiently. This is an effective method of training employees who need to learn a variety of skills.

* Apprenticeship

This training method incorporates for skilled trade worker that combines on the job training and classroom instruction.

* Mentoring

Mentoring refers to situation in which a senior member of an organization takes a personal interest in the career of a junior employee. They provide career support and psychological support to a trainee. This is popular in organizations today and is also an expensive investment.

Example for OJTTrainings of Bank Asia

* 15 days Foundation Training Course.
* 3 week long foundation training course.
* 5 day training on foreign trade payment and finance.

Disadvantages of On The Job Training.

* Interaption on office environment.
* Some times employees donot take serious.
* An external trainer sometimes hands over bad habits to the trainee without realizing what they are doing. * on the job training is given in a hasty manner, so that employees start working up to the mark early and to save company’s money.

Model of theTraining Process

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