Principles of Effective Teaching

Topics: Training, Skill, Practice Pages: 4 (1354 words) Published: August 11, 2010
In my research I learned that there is no simple definition for principles of effective teaching. As we all know learning is a challenge and change in each individual. In an effort to summarize principles of learning a handful of ideas come to mind. Communication, Interaction, Diversity Recognition, Program Knowledge, Teaching Techniques, Student Exercises, and Appropriate Breaks. Learning is more likely to occur if there is a realistic and attainable learning goal. Teaching principles also are effective when information is presented at the appropriate level for the students. Students must be capable of learning the information with respect to the material presented and the program objective. Learning most definitely occurs more easily when the material matches the wants, needs, or aspirations of the organization. When delivering the material via a clear communication method, we must relate the material taught and how it affects the trainees of the organization or how it will help the organization accomplish its goal. Trainees must see the relevance of the information being delivered and how they will apply it in their current roles. In essence when communicating in the training setting learning occurs best when practice is as close as possible to real-world phases, situations and resolutions.

Interactions in training programs are essential for not only the trainers benefit but the trainee. Simulations are excellent learning techniques, but cannot replace day to day experiences. Trainees appreciate feedback on their performance as soon as possible. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and boosts their learning horizons. Interesting how trainees learn more efficiently if they are required to “look up” the information rather than being given the answer. If learning materials are too easy, trainees will not perceive the activity seriously. If learning materials are too complex, trainees will give up before trying the activity. Diversity recognition in...
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