Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process

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Course Description
This Field Study course 2 is designed to provide FS students with opportunities to connect teaching-learning theories and principles discussed I the six-unit courses in Principles of Teaching 1 and 2 with actual classroom practice. It is intended to help the FS student observe how these principles of teaching and learning are applied by the resource teacher to make the teaching-learning process interactive, meaningful, exciting and enjoyable

Field Study can be anchored on the following Professional Education subjects. Principles of Teaching 1 and
Principles of Teaching 2
Educational Technology 1 (partly)
1. Arrive at an experiential knowledge and understanding of the principles of teaching and learning 2. Reflect on the application of the principles of teaching and learning for meaningful and lasting learning 3. Determine how the guiding principles in lesson objective formulation are applied in the teaching-learning process 4. Acquire the skill in developing cognitive skill and value lessons meaningfully and interestingly by an in depth treatment of the subject matter and by integrating thinking skills. 5. Apply the guiding principles in the selection of teaching strategies. 6. Identify the teaching approach employed.

7. Trace the logical development of a lesson.
8. Identify effective questioning and reacting techniques.

Name of FS Student______________________________________________________ Course________________________ Year & Section____________________________ Resource Teacher 1_____________ Signature_______________ Date Resource Teacher 2_____________ Signature_______________ Date Resource Teacher 3_____________ Signature _______________ Date Cooperating School______________________________________________________ My Target

When I observe three different classes. I will be able to identify application of the principles of learning in the teaching-learning process. Observation Sheet
Name of the Resource Teachers Observed: Muriel Criselda Delmo School Address: B 1 L3 Panorama Ville Mariquita Sta Rosa City Laguna Grade/Year Level: Kinder 1

Principles of Teaching
Teaching Behavior of the Teacher/ Learning Behavior of the Learner as Proof of the Application of the Principles of Learning 1. Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the learner 1. The teacher lets the learner do the learning activity

2. Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas. 2. This is somewhat the same with principle number one. Learners can easily understand concepts if these are relevant to their needs and problems. Hence, as teachers, we must relate the lesson to the learners' needs, interests and problems. 3. Learning is a consequence of exercises

use experiential learning as much as possible period
4. Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process.
Learners will learn more if they are given chances to work together and share ideas. Make use of group activities. 5. Learning is a evolutionary process
Learning especially if this means a change in behavior does not happen in a click. This requires time and diligence. So as teachers, is patient? Be patient. Be patient. Be patient. 6. Learning is sometimes a painful process

This means that learning requires sacrifice, hard work, study time. Let the learners realize this okay? 7. One of the richest resources for the learning is the learner himself Let's not be too "centered" upon ourselves. Let's draw the discussion not only on our own experiences as teachers but on the learners' experiences as well. Listen and let the learners share their prior knowledge, stories, information, etc that can enrich the learning process. Encourage free sharing inside the classroom. 8. The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual Learners can't learn that much if they have...
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