six principles of Andragogy

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Principles of Andragogy That Do and Do Not Apply to Me

In Malcolm Knowles’ six principles of Andragogy, nearly all of his principles apply to me. First, is the principle of being internally motivated and self-directed. I learn when I want to, not when I am forced to. If I am forced to learn, my brain resists the information given out and I get tense at once without being able to grasp anything. However, when I learn out of my own free will, my brain tends to grasp easily no matter the environment. The second principle that applies to me is being goal oriented. In all I try to do and participate in, I have a goal. When it has to do with my studies I have a goal for the course I am taking. I have a goal for attending classes, and I have a goal for listening to my professor teach. The goal I have towards learning tends to capture my interest in a lot of things to learn about in other to achieve the goal in mind. The next principle that applies to me is relevancy oriented. Before I choose or before I take a step in learning a particular thing, I always have an idea of the relevance, and I keep it in mind to motivate me to carry out what I want to. This also applies to me because I try to figure out whether what I am doing will be a waste of time. I try to spend my time doing relevant things that enhance my knowledge, broaden what I know, and also teach me more. The next of his principles is practical; this really applies to me because I try to practice whatever I am taught in order to know if the results are certain. I practice what I learn to enable myself to remember easily. The last of the principles that apply to me is the principle of respect. No matter the age of the instructor I try my best to be respectful. An old adage states that respect is reciprocal. I respect the instructor, and I respect what am learning in other to receive the respect back from the instructor and what I am being taught. I respect the professor by paying utmost attention and not...
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