Understanding Human Brain and Intelligence

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Intelligence Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Special Final Assignment
Understanding Human Brain and Intelligence
1.There are many principles of how people can improve the cognitive capability. Discuss at least five primary principles. (10M) 2.What is Emotional Intelligence? What is the main role of EI. Why it is so important? (10M) 3.Organizational Learning VS Learning Organization. What are the differences? (10M) 4.The near future of Advanced Artificial Intelligence. (10M)

1.There are five primary principles that can help people improve their cognitive capability. The five primary principles are seek novelty, challenge yourself, think creatively, do things the hard way and network. If possible, we should try to live our life by these five principles. Seek novelty is about being open to new experience, and is a practice with a clear impact on our brains (plasticity, dopamine for motivation and etc.). To stimulate novelty, one must constantly seeking new information, engage in new activities, new things to learn. One can take an art class, learn an instrument, go to a museum or read about a new area of science to stimulate novelty. Challenge yourself is about keep your brain making new connections and keeping them active by doing activity that is challenging and keep your brain efficient. Memorization and fluency-type games such as Sodoku, Tetris intended to increase your speed of processing. Think creatively is about divergent thinking, making remote associations between ideas, switching back and forth between conventional and unconventional thinking, novel ideas that are also appropriate to the activity you are doing. We can use subject mapping or mind mapping to generate ideas to solve problem. Do things the hard way is about trying to do a task by ourselves and without depending on technologies. As an example, we should not use calculator to calculate, if we can solve it by ourselves. Technology makes our life easier, faster, more efficient, but sometimes our cognitive skills can suffer as a...
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