Russian History 1905 Revolution

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The year 1905 was the year of violence, murders, killings, and bloody in Russia. The year 1905 was also the year of the ‘revolution’ to some extent. The Tsar did not only face the ‘revolution’ that took place in Russia, but also the great defeat and shame of the Russo-Japanese War. The three major groups of people in Russia, the liberals, proletariat, and peasants were opposing the tsardom and trying to revolt. However, throughout 1905, the tsardom came out alive and strong enough regardless the turmoil that was caused by the revolution and the great defeat in the Russo-Japanese War.

By the 20th Century, the Russian people were seeking for radical change. Knowing about this, the government looked for a distraction from its internal problem and also to gain pride and fame by expanding its nation to Asia. They believed that no one could take them in a war and with a victory; they hoped the people of Russia would give back the government their support. Russia declared war with Japan in 1904 to take control of Manchuria and the Korean Peninsula. This was later known as the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. Expecting a short victorious, Russia was defeated by the Japanese on land and at sea. Russia was in a great shame and many military forces looked back at themselves, thinking that Russia is so weak. Therefore, some turmoil happened in the military force itself. For example, the battleship Potemkin experienced a mutiny among their members. This great defeat in the Russo-Japanese War brought Russia to a worse condition and endangered the autocracy even more. Even more people started to revolt and became more radical. However with this problem, the tsardom was still maintained in Russia even after facing a great defeat in the Russo-Japanese War.

Basically, there were 3 major groups that were opposing the tsardom: the working class, the peasants, and the liberals. Each of them had different purposes to revolt which signified the sense of disunity and made them...
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