Rules for Changing Avtive Voice

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Rules for changing Active Voice into Passive Voice

1.Only transitive verbs can be changed into passive Voice.
2.Keep the object of the active voice sentence as subject of the passive voice. 3.Use the helping verb (be form) according to the number and person of the passive subject. 4.Use different forms of the verb ‘Be’ – is, are, am, was, were, been, being and past participle of the given verb. 5.Keep the subject of the active voice sentence as an (object) agent in passive sentence using a by-phrase. If it is necessary to mention the doer or the agent we must use by + agent at the end of the clause. 6.Often by-phrase will be left out in order to hide the identity of the agent or if the agent is unknown or perhaps it is quite clear even without mentioning it.


1)A business man was murdered (by unknown)
2)He was arrested (by the police)
3)A robbery was done in the city (by the thieves)
4)Heavy rains are expected (by the people)
5)Law rules are enforced (by the government)
6)Criminals will be punished (by the court)
7)Tea is largely cultivated in India (by the farmers)
8)Honest must be practiced (by us)
9)Every good action will be awarded(by God)
10)Punctuality must be kept up in offices(by the employees) 11)Smoking is prohibited in trains and buses (by the authorities)

Interrogative Sentences

Simple Present Tense

Active VoicePassive Voice

1. Does she sell fruits?Are Fruits sold by her?
2. Do you know Suresh?Is Suresh known by you?
3. Do you know my friendsAre my friends known to you?
4. Does she know meAm I known to her?

Present Continuous

1. Is he driving the car?Is the car being driven by him?
2. Are the children writing a test?Is a test being written by the children?

Present Perfect

1. Have you enjoyed the film?Has the film been enjoyed by you? 2. Has she written the papers?Have the papers been written by her? 3. Who has taken the books?By whom have the...
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