Workshop 8 Questions

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300585 - Systems Analysis & Design

Workshop 8
Workshops will run to cover the practical aspects of the topic each week with two workshop case studies that runs across the whole semester and some other examples time to time. The workshop runs in two parts

Workshop slides
Workshop questions
o This document contains two parts
o Part A contains two case studies and questions that are to be done in workshop with the help of tutor (to be done in Group of 2 students). Task 1 of this part would always refer to Willow brook Case study and rest of the tasks may relate to a continuous (UWS Transport Management System) or some additional case studies

o Part B contains questions and tasks related to case studies that individual students need to answer in their own time and submit as a part of Portfolio(s) as per the due dates given in the Learning guide.

Part A: Workshop work to be done during the workshop
Task 1
Willow brook School Background
Willowbrook School is a small private school that has retained your services as a systems analyst to assist in the development of a new information system for the school’s administrative needs. Now that you have designed a user interface, you are ready to focus on the data design of the Willow brook School’s information system. To perform the following tasks, refer back to the documentation given in earlier weeks and also ones you prepared from the systems analysis phase.

1. Create an ERD for the Willow brook School’s information system with relationship or cardinality notation.
2. Design fully normalized 3NF tables for the system. Use the real-world normalization examples starting on page 372 of your text that illustrates the use of correct standard notation format
Task 2
Case Study UWS Transport management information system
Fact-Finding Summary
Students travelling to UWS using the OPAL card system are from the following options. The first is students arriving from Parramatta by bus getting off at...
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