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3.1 Personal Fitness Program
Use the following chart to develop your personal fitness program. Remember this is to help you put physical activity into your daily/weekly schedule. Who - In this column write who will be doing the activities. This should include names of yourself, your friends, a group like “all cheerleaders, or football team”, etc. What - In this column write what activities you will be doing. This could include things like weightlifting, aerobics, swimming, running, etc. What - In this column write when you will do your activities. This should include something like: Monday – 3:30-5:00 dance practice; Tuesday – 6:00 – 7:00 running; whatever time and day you do the activity that you listed in the “What” column. Where - In this column write where you will perform this activity for example: Gym, Weight room, Home, etc. Why - In this column write what you hope to gain from the activity. The reason why you are doing the exercise may be for gaining flexibility, strength, weight control/loss, relieve stress, etc. Who

All of the track team.
Weightlifting and sprinting.
Monday- 3:45-4:30
Gym and o the track.
So we can maintain and strengthen our abilities.
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