Room 101

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Physical abuse Pages: 1 (547 words) Published: March 6, 2015
Room 101
Wouldn’t life just be better if animals are treated fairly? Open your heart and mind to the suffering of animals. Haven’t you just had enough of animal cruelty? Well I have! Do you believe Animal cruelty should go in Room 101, well I do? Animals are beaten, neglected and forced to live out their days with no hope of survival. Animals feel so much pain when they are being abused by their owners; it’s disgusting to think a person would abuse a poor innocent animal, when it’s done nothing wrong. Animals are forced to live in small horrendous conditions with no food or water; they’re forced to live out their days with no hope of happiness. For example a family went on vacation, and left a poor lonely dog chained up without no food or water, the dog was abandoned for two weeks. Imagine you being beaten and neglected, and forced to live in horrendous conditions with no food or water, you wouldn’t like it so why should we do it to an innocent animal. Why don’t people stop animal cruelty, more and more animals are being abused each year. What would you do if you saw someone abusing an animal, would you stand by and watch it or will you report it to the police, and save the animals life or would you just leave it and walk away like nothing ever happened. Are you guilty of witnessing an animal crime, and not reporting it to the police? Jack, a 10 week year old German shepherd puppy, was captured by a man and dumped in a bin after an argument strikes. A witness saw the man dump jack, the 10 week old puppy into a bin, the man quickly runs away, jack began to yelp and a few minutes later the witness comes running over, and grabs the dog out of the bin, and reports it to the police. Since that day the owner hasn’t been identified, however jack is with a new loving owner. Who would abuse a poor powerless animal? Unfortunately, there are many people who like to abuse animals, just for fun. A small helpless animal abused and alone, who is just looking for love and...
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