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Roman Republic

By racecar5 Dec 10, 2013 272 Words
In many ways, the Roman Republic was very similar to the way the United States government is organized today. There are three clear divisions of power Executive branch, Legislative branch, and judicial branch. The Executive branch elected by an assembly, they ruled as chief executives for one year. Consuls controlled the military as well. The Judicial branch has eight judges that were chosen by the century’s assembly to judge for a year. Two of the eight judges supervise civil court and criminal court. The legislative branch is 300 people ruled as Senate. They were chosen by aristocrats and they reigned over foreign affairs and financial policies. Century’s assembly: A group of citizen soldiers that are members for life. They elect consuls and make laws. Tribal assembly: Citizens are put into groups depending on where they live they are also members for life. Tribal assembly members elect tribunes. Legal code are The Twelve Tables was similar to the Bill of Rights the first ten amendments of the Constitution, however, it only protected the free-born male citizens under the law. The Roman government, though advanced for its time, was prone to corruption and instability. The Senate would usually have more power over the Executive branch and there was very little independence among the branches of government, which tended to be heavily influenced by dominant political faction. The United States distributes its power relatively evenly. Because each state has both local representatives, and representatives in Washington, it helps promote the interests of the people in way that Romans did not. The American Republic is a lot more evolved and refined then the Romans' version

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