Comparing Ancient Rome to the United States

Topics: Law, Ancient Rome, United States Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: October 27, 2011
Andrew Ballard
Mrs. Leonard
2nd/Honors W.H.
Oct, 26, 2011
Comparing Ancient Rome to the United States

When analyzing the United States in light of ancient Rome, there is an obvious juxtaposition which is unmistakable. The similarities between these two great civilizations are evident politically, militarily, and culturally. The political aspects of Ancient Rome and the modern United States are rooted in the concept of the republic. Militarily, both the U.S. and Ancient Rome have been considered superpowers of their time. Culturally, there are numerous comparisons that can be made between these two civilizations, in spite of numerous years that lapse between them.

There are several types of Republic governments like the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The Executive branch states the law for how long someone can be in power, and how many times someone can run to be in power. The legislative branch has to do with foreign policies, and how many people can be a part of the senate, it also makes laws. The judicial branch tells about a supreme court or an assembly that deals with crime and civil cases. There are also the legal code, and citizenship. The legal code of a republican Government is the list of laws like Rome's “Twelve Tables”, and the United States Construction. Citizenship law for Rome allow all adults that can own land to be concerted a citizen, but for the United States all native born, and or naturalized a citizen. In addition to the governmental aspects of Rome and the United States, both civilizations have a strong military. Being superpower of their time, the Roman, and American had military advantages. The Romans had the best training, biggest budget, and finest equipment that the world had ever seen in their time. On the other hand the United States also is just as remarkable in its military budgets, which are longer than nine other countries put together. Similar to the Americanization of...
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