Roles of Police and Media

Topics: Police, Crime prevention, Police officer Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: August 28, 2010
Roles of Police and Media
Police officers have many roles in the community. The media has a way of spinning the facts to where often times the police officers are made to look a certain way. Even though the media is just telling the story the way that they perceive the events as happening, the media spins the story to gain an audience whether it is on T.V., in a newspaper, or on the internet. The media portrays the crime fighter, the social servant, the order maintainer, and the crime preventer in reporting the story. And by portraying these different aspects of police officers the media is able to draw the crowd that they want to inform with the information about what has happened. In this paper it will look at these 4 types that are portrayed by the media and decide whether it is a real depiction or an image that the media has generated. Crime Fighter

The Crime fighter would be the officer that works the street to prevent crime and to enforce laws that they see are being broken as was the case with the driver that has watched one to many action movies. According to the article Mr. McLellan crashed his car, took off running from the police, slid down a 30 foot embankment and waded into the river. The other offices that were responding where able to get a boat from a local company and they tried to throw a rope to help Mr. McLellan but he said that he did not want to be arrested. A Deputy was able to pull him out of the river by his hair in order to save him from drowning in the river (Steeves, 2010). This article shows that the police are willing to fight crime on any front. The story makes law enforcement sound like action hero’s that were able to catch the bad guy and save his life at the same time. I think that this article depicts an image that is set forth by movies and producers as to what police officers have to do on a daily basis. Social Servant

The social servant is making sure that the community is safe and helping to serve the public in any...
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