Roles and Skills of an Event Organiser

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Unit 18: Managing a Business Event
P1: Describe the skills required of an event organiser
In this section of unit 18, I have been asked to produce a presentation which includes the required skills and the role of an event organiser. If the event organiser has the right skills and is aware of their role then the event will be a successful one. Skills of an Event Organiser:

If an event organiser is aware of his or her skills and adapt has the ability to adapt those skills to the preparation of the event then they will be a successful event organiser. The required skills of an event organiser are such as the following: * Communication and Interpersonal skills

* Time management
* Problem solving
* Negotiating
* Planning
* Monitoring
* Evaluating
* Resource management
Communication and Interpersonal skills
Communication and interpersonal skills play a big role when organising an event because communicating with others will come across quite a few times such as agreeing on the size of the venue, queries from the attendees or even when deciding on the number of people to cater for. Organising a large even can be quite challenging and using interpersonal skills can have a huge influence on how successful the event will be. For example, asking listening to what others are telling you will be an effective interpersonal skill to use because other people recognise mistakes before you and they can give you new ideas and can give advices on the areas you need improvement on. Time Management

A role of an event organiser is to carry out a number of tasks at the same time which requires good time management. Good time management is when you keep everything on track. When planning an event we can come across with time management mistakes which are such as the following: * Wasting time doing activities which are irrelevant

* Waiting for someone to complete a task before moving on to the next one * Not being organised
Problem Solving
During an event the event organiser can face problems but skilled event organisers would have thought about the problems they could face and will have a back-up plan which is called contingency plans. For example if you want to show a presentation during the event you will have to first check the services already provided at the venue and take the equipment required which isn’t provided there with you on the day. Negotiating

Negotiating skills are essential in event organising. It is not a skill to threaten the person you are taking to but it is a skill where at the end both sides are happy about the decision made and that they both agree. Usually event organiser’s negotiate about a price of something but you have negotiate with the catering team as well on how many courses will be served during the event. For example if you are renting a hall for the event and the property owner asks for £1,500 then you can negotiate the price and reduce it to an amount where both sides are happy and have agreed on it. Planning

Another skill the event organiser has to have is being able to plan out the event. The event organiser has to make sure that everything goes to his or her plan. Planning doesn’t just focus on the event itself but it also has to include other events or other factors. If there are a few events going on at the same time at yours then it will cause poor attendance. A factor that the event organiser has to watch and plan the event based on the weather. For example if you are planning to hold the event outside then you has to check the weather forecast and also has to have equipment ready if it rains all of a sudden. When planning for a event the event organisers has to consider the following: * Whether the event needs to be inside or outside

* Whether the event is linked to a festival or tradition
* Whether the event depends on other factors
An event organiser should continually keep track of how the event is progressing. They should...
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