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|Luton & Dusntable University Hospital nHS Trust | |The Role of HR | | | | |

| Various literature and internal L&D documents were used as the basis for the analysis that forms this report.The analysis looks at the | |overall effectiveness and efficiency of the current business structure of L&D in view of cost savings, as well as at human resource | |implications of the three key priorities set up by L&D. The current business structure including HR structure does not respond effectively to | |the current challenges faced by L&D. In addition, specific actions in the areas of training, communication and workforce alignment have | |been identified to enable the achievement of L&D key goals. Finally, it is recommended that additional analysis be done on the impact of the | |proposed changes. |

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2.1L&D objectives2

3.At least 3 things HR can do to support L&D’s strategy3

4.3 things HR professionals can do to support the line managers4

5.Conclusions and recommendations5

Appendix 1 – Proposed Structure6



This report highlights the importance of the HR function in the overall business structure of L&D. It also provides recommendations steps to be taken in order to increase efficiency while ensuring achievement of the key priorities for L&D. This is a preliminary report, and it is recommended that this report be used as a starting point for an in depth analysis on the impact of the proposed changes to each of the business elements of L&D prior to full implementation.

1 L&D objectives

The 3 priorities of L&D are:

a) patient experience – aimed at placing the patient at the center of L&D’s focus.[1] b) patient care - aimed at improving the safety of the vulnerable patients discharged early from the hospital[2] and c) the quality of the medical act – focuses on having an improved patient mortality rate[3]

At least 3 things HR can do to support L&D’s strategy

a) L&D's current organizational structure evolved over time, together with L&D. It is evident that the major asset of L&D – people – is not utilized effectively and that a realignement should be made. We proposed an enhanced structure – Appendix 1 –departments are grouped to promote efficiency by groupings based on similarities of duties, thus avoiding overlap. Finance, HR and Business Development must have business visibility thus enabling L&D reach its strategic goals. Analysis and review of L&D organizational capabilities must be done to meet new business requirements (less funding from NHS, increased potential for high cost mal praxis law suits, increased number of low income patients, etc.).

b) In terms of HR restructuring, our proposal is to move towards a “three-legged stool” model of HR, model attributed to Dave Ulrich, which suggests that an effective HR function should, be split amoung: business partners, specialists and shared service centers and act as a i) strategic partner to the business through HR Business Partners and HR Management, ii) as a change agent –supporting the actual transition of the business, iii) as an employee champion by acting as...
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