Role of Cse to Develop the Capital Market of Bangladesh

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Role of CSE to Develop the Capital Market of Bangladesh

Course Id: MBA- 502 (MIT)




ID NO: 09435096
SESSION: 2009-2010



Dated: 14th August, 2009

Shajib Kumar Goush
university lecturer
School of Business Department
University of information technology & science

Subject: Submission of Term Paper Report.

Dear Sir,

I am very glad to submit a Term Paper Report titled as “Role of CSE in Development of Capital Market of Bangladesh” which is organized as a precondition for the 29th MBA curriculum.

I have tried my best to gain practical experience in CSE and also tried to reflect the same in report with my limited scope and knowledge. I have gathered about realistic awareness throughout this report preparation. I hope that I have been able to fulfill our academic necessities.

I wish your hearty consideration, if there is any deviation in my report and also thank you for your friendly cooperation.

Yours truly,


Mohammad Sayfur Rahman
RMBA 29th Batch
Id No: 09435097
Session: 2009-2010
University of information technology & science

At the very outset we would like to pay our solemn gratitude to the Almighty who has turned all our effort into a great success.

It is a great pleasure for us to present this report, on ‘Chittagong stock exchange (CSE)’. For the successful completion of this report we would like to thank some people, without their help my paper would have been an incomplete one. First of all we would like to thank our course instructor “Shajib Kumar goush” for selecting such an interesting topic. We would also like to thank him for his continuous guidance and support. We would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this term paper. Our humble thank goes to him for helping us a lot for a better understanding,

Then we would like to thanks ”The Internet” which helped us to find all the necessary information. We must thank to our ”University library” for giving us the opportunity to search the book.

Finally, heartiest appreciation goes to all our MBA-502(MIT) associates and to all the special people who motivated us.

Although we have come to the end of our journey at 8th Mayl 2009, it has given us the utmost confidence that would help us to face any greater challenges we encounter.

Objective of the Study

The prime purpose of the study is to fulfill the academic requirements of MBA program. Another important purpose of the study is to evaluate the performance of CSE. The objectives of the study can be depicted as follows:

➢ To control the financial institutions.
➢ To regulate the capital market.
➢ To protect the interest of investors in capital market. ➢ To develop the capital market.
➢ To ensure proper issuance of securities and compliance of law relating to securities. ➢ To evaluate the activities of CSE.
➢ To examine the performance of the CSE in terms of
➢ To suggest some policy measures for the improvement of stock market in general CSE in particular ➢ To learn practically what we read theoretically
➢ To gain indispensable experience regarding –

• Share pricing
• Index calculation
i. All share price index
ii. CSE 30 index

• Volume of Trade
• No. of the companies

➢ To know the stock market of Bangladesh
➢ To identify the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat of CSE ➢ To recommend some creative measure to resolve the problems

Methodology of the study

The report has been prepared on the basis...
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