Report on Relationship Between Economic Growth and Stock Market in Bangladesh

Topics: Stock market, Economics, Economic growth Pages: 4 (1362 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Stock market development and economic growth
Executive summery
This paper examined the relationship between stock market development and economic growth of two Asian developing countries, that is, Pakistan and Bangladesh, after the liberalization period of 1990s. The relationship measured were in terms of size (market capitalization), liquidity (total value of stocks traded and stock turnover ratio) and volume (total number of companies listed in the stock exchange of each of the country). The study of comparative analysis was done with the help of tables and charts. The econometric results of the study by employing the regression analysis showed that Pakistan stock markets contribute to the economic growth in terms of the large size of its stock market whereas Bangladesh stock market contributes to the economic growth in terms of the liquidity of its stock market. Bangladesh economic growth was found to be comparatively better than economic growth of Pakistan. The study revealed that the stock markets in Pakistan and Bangladesh do not play a major role in the economic growth but rather, these financial institutions are the driving forces for the economic growth of the country. Key words.

Stock markets play a crucial role in global economics and corporate finance where the financial markets generate finance for the economic growth of the country. Bangladesh has two stock exchange, that is, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) & Chittagong stock exchange(CSE). Stock exchange of a country is the financial institution that deals with financial instruments. It was important to answer the increasing number of the critical questions regarding stock market performance and economic growth, for instance, do the stock exchanges of the countries affect on the economic growth of a country, if yes then how? This study highlights certain factors that can be used to measure the stock market development and its effect on the country’s economic growth. Besides this, it...
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